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Open source booru type service

| I want to host my own but haven't really found anything yet

| /hydrus/

| >>535022 I knew about that but isn't it client server not web server

| Yeah hydrus says it's a desktop application which doesn't really work since the end goal is phones

So is there really no good web based open source booru?

| https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Imageboard#Danbooru-style_boards

| >>535252 nice desu

| >>535252 oh shit, how did I not find that

Well uhh thanks

| Update I'm a brainlet and can't get szurubooru to install because I don't know shit about docker and instructions unclear

| Anyone know if the install script someone said was out of date works for danbooru

| Try not to use docker. Docker stinks. It's just another bloated fashion thing that hopefully will disappear in the next years.
I recommend you to use a simple *n*x server with apache or nginx as web-server and *sql.
In case you choose ubuntu-server, mysql and apache I could help you easily. It's almost the same procedure since 20 years, and it will stay that way another 20 years, if no one knows anymore what "docker" was ;-)

| Have a look at this:

| I did end up getting it to work, docker that's in the Ubuntu repo isn't docker ce so I didn't realise I needed to add their repo <.>

| I'm not sure how I feel about docker, if it does really work to separate all your services so a vuln won't fuck your whole server I can see it's good but otherwise it seems similar to flatpacks or something where it just comes will all it's shit

| >>535558
If a vuln of one service could fuck your server, you did some serious malconfiguration. The promise of gaining security by separation was already made by many other systems. But it often turned out that this approach increased security issues instead. Java with its VM is a great example for this.
Every separation subsystem is an additional security risk itself. And you're totally right about flatpack beeing another similiar thing.

Nevertheless congrats to your success!

| Link us when you get it to work g/u/rl!

| >>536000 I intend to use it for private use>~<

| >>536021 ah. okie. have fun.

| Gave Hydrus a try, and Im absolutely loving it so far. Only used it locally so far, looking into trying out server implementation soon.

| >>536378 there's no way I can get it on my phone is there?

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