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How do i make BMP 24bit have transparent background?

| Title. thx in advance.

| While talks have been around for BMP transparency support, I wouldn't recommend doing BMP for transparency as the software-side support is lacking.

What are you even trying to do, OP?

| >>42e6df
i'm trying to use it for elona as character sprite but it's only use bmp file

| You probably don't need transparency then. Games doing BMPs usually have ways to set the alpha of the BMPs itself. Have you tried doing just black background? Insaniquarium uses this, but I don't know about the game you mention.

| Look at other sprites, as >>42e6df said it's often a colour that will be ignored. I've seen purple (255,0,255) more often than black though, but it is a per-game basis.

| i get it now thank you g\u\rl

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This thread is permanently archived