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Android apps

| Hell yeah another one of these amirite

Drop down some android apps u enjoy and would recommend to ppl

- CPL Launcher + CPL Feed/Weather Extension (10/10 pixel-like adfree launcher)
- DiskUsage (for viewing storage)
- AccuBattery (for monitoring battery bc y not)
- Boost for Reddit (got the cracked apk bc i dont want ads)

| - Mixplorer (best file explorer)
- Lawnchair (launcher)
- NewPipe (youtube client)
- K-9 Mail (light e-mail)
- Firefox (you can use desktop addons i.e.: adblock)
- modded Google Camera (HDR+ is superior)
- Flym (RSS reader)
- Termux (easy linux emulator)

| >>534661
Obligatory "tErMuX iS NOT an EmULATOREEEE" (but in all honesty, it actually isn't! It's closer to a secondary system and it isn't being emulated).

I'm throwing my list as well:
- Amaze File Explorer
- Firefox
- VPN Hotspot (mostly to have greater control over mobile hotspot)
- NewPipe
- DriveDroid (does bootable USB when you don't have any)
- Keepass2Android (amazing Keepass client)

| -Duckduckgo
-Telegramx (basically telegram but w/ nightly updates and new animations)
-monospace (its kinda useful to have text processor on phone)
-oscope (oscilloscope, using mic input because why not)

captcha: vomit doing gross

| I've got a pixel so basically stock Android, and listed is all open source found in f-droid

Amaze - file explorer
RedReader - very nice Reddit app
Simple gallery - Google's default pictures app sucks
Lawnchair - Google's default launcher sucks
Newpipe - YouTube without ads or tracking
Nextcloud - self hosted cloud for files
Wireguard - it's not openvpn
Revolution irc - irc client that's still updated
Silence - default message app is bad

| F-Droid - an app store for free and open source apps that never tracks you

| If y'all like anime get AnYme. If y'all like manga get Tachiyomi. If y'all like ad free YoutTube get YT Vanced. If y'all like Japanese LN's get Novel Library. If y'all like movies and such get Popcorn time.

If you like any of these get a solid VPN lol.

| I've got this app called la/u/ncher on my phone. It's pretty radical.


| If you want a privacy-focused search engine, I believe that Qwant is better than DDG. Not really android-only though.

| >>534877
I am here to spread the good words about searX. If you want privacy, nothing beats searX.

| >>702e69 Except a self-hosted search engine ;)

| T-UI (Terminal based launcher, it's really useful once you get use to it)
ap37 (Kind of the same thing but with all the apps displayed. UI can be edited in Javascript and has an integration with la/un/cher by default)
TV KILL (If you want to turn off all public TV's, this might be funny)
Termius (Awesome SSH client)

| Newpipe tends to break, and gplay music doesn't have free on demand. In that event, I would recommend bandcamp's official app for music streaming.

| >>534999 I would love an offline search app that has a ~1GB database of links categorised by hand with tags.

| >>535122 What do you mean?

| >>535121 new pipe does break but when it does there's usually a patch on GitHub within a day or two, just takes fdroid a while to get it

| >>535122 tbh that doesn't sound that hard to build, become the change you want to see!

| >>535212 but there would have to be users who contibute to the database.

I will make something when I'm finished with my current projects.

| >>535304 ehh just find the most used sites, and search engines should have tags somewhere just use those

| >>535122
Isn't that just a massive bookmark?

| >>535326 it is, but for me this would be a good alternative to search engines

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