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Migrating to Windows 7 from Windows 10?

| I want to migrate to Windows 7, but I'm worried about compatibility with certain programs, mainly the Elgato Stream Deck drivers.Is there a overlay or something that I can use to run Windows 10 programs on Windows 7? What are your experiences?

| I'm not a tech savvy, so this is probably not your best option, but a virtual machine should do the trick.

| Why not linux? :)

| W10-only programs aren't worth using.

| And what you're going to do in January 2020? Because that's officially the end of life of Windos 7, which means no more security updates that fix any of the many (intentional or unintentional) security holes that are left and can be found and used by others.
And don't think the next windows version will be any better than windows 10. They will include many more telemetry and unwanted monopoly "web services" in their OS, and since it's proprietary no one can do something against it.

| >>534363
It would be too simple. Windows users need either some self-mortification or someone else to blame if they don't get their things done:
>Says "Fuck Microsoft/Windows"
>Uses windows anyway
GNU/Linux distros are all about freedom of choice and self-determination. People don't like this. They rather want to be ordered around and patronized, so that they can form a mob and shout about their beloved torturer, instead actually solving their problems.

| Also a gentle reminder, that you should ask the official microsoft service to solve your issues with their rotten product. If you don't like it, change the provider. I always wonder why people expect communities to support a product, while their members don't get a single cent from its manufacturer. I even more wonder why there are communities doing this. I would never stick my nose into a piece of shit for free just to help others to deal with it's nasty smell.

| >>29582b im only talking about elgato streamdeck drivers.

| >>534428
Who would be so stupid to buy an input device which has only 15 keys that aren't even free programmable with an open and platform independent driver?
And it's advertised for "quality content creators" LOL. What quality can content have, that is created by a person stupid enough to buy such a restrictive device? It's like reading books from people that don't know how to hold a pen.

| >>3dea82
It's just one guy filling up this thread with his off-topic walls of text for no real reason.

If he truly wanted to talk about this kind stuff he should start a thread about it and get into a mindset suitable for discusions.

But he's not, so it's better to just ignore him and not read his stuff anymore since he's just doing it for his ego.

| >>d31da9
I'm curious about why you want to do the switch from win10 to win7 in the first place. Win7 have the same "spying" mechanics as win10 does and win7 will only be recieving security updates for about a year.

While I'm no fan of windoes myself I recognize what a big leap in security Microsoft had done with win10. Out of the box it's the most secure OS available when it comes to outside threats.

| leenuss

| >>534528
If people need help for proprietary products they can use their official service.
And how is a device helpful for someone who "isn't into programming", that is programmable itself?
The problem is not a technological one but a market-political. Proprietary hardware that only works with proprietary software is not helpful at all.
Btw. I'm am musician who is also not "into programming" but somehow I managed to configure my midi-instruments - with linux *shock*

| But to contribute something to the main topic:
Like some already wrote: There is ABSOLUTELY NO POINT in downgrading Windows from 10 to Windows 7.
Windows 10 is technically much more advanced than Windows 7. With the NT-Kernel, introduced on the Desktop with Windows 2000, Microsoft started imitating Unix to gain more stability and security - with some success. Every new windows version is technologically more advanced than the old one. But it still is all proprietary shit.

| Look, if shit goes south, try going into the programs properties and set it to run in compability mode for windows 7. This should work in most cases, even for drivers. Good lord, the help here is awful.

| I open this thread already with dread in my heart. Bless you, brave op.

And to answer the question: does the driver('s website) state it's compatible with Win7? If not, you're out of luck

| >>534741
>Good lord, the help here is awful.
Because the product is awful and its provider offers official help for it by paid service people.
Don't expect getting things for free, especially not for monopoly software. If you fell for the windows trap, try to get out of there instead expecting people to make it comfortable to you.

| >>534741
Sweetie, I think you misunderstood OPs question. The drivers only work in win10 and not i win7 mode.

| >>19f91a
Gaaaaawd shut the fuck up

| /tech/ drinking game. Take a shot everytime someone mentions:

>Windos/Windoes/any other windows parody name

Bonus point:
>Take two shots if someone is denying that this sub is a linux/FOSS circlejerk

| >>534902
At least she had, unlike you, some arguments.
Yeah, your're a funny one. At least much better than stupid "stfu" >>438aa8.
Nevertheless all the things you mentioned are valid arguments against windows (well, except the parody name).
FOSS software may not always seen as equal to proprietary software (in case of the linux kernel it is even superior, compared to the NT kernel), but the freedom it offers is on the long term the better deal.

| >>535006 take two shots, bois!

| Ideally companies should only make money with distributing software and offering service for it. They also should invest into developers that contribute to FOSS projects. But instead they systematically avoid paying taxes and drive on privatization of public estate and also monopolization of mass media. It affects not only adminstration but also education and even police and military which is a threat to inner and outer security, especially for Non-USA Estates.

| >>535007
Your little joke doesn't only not change the fact that you stand on lost ground, no it even makes it more obvious.

| >>535010 what ground? I've been here long enough to know that your type are not worth arguing with. I'll just post memes and use windows to piss you off.

Excuse me while I join you in giving kowtow to the FOSS community for protecting my freedom from the evil evil datamining advertisers.

-posted from chinese phone that totally doesn't spy on me

| >op oh god what have i started

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