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Debloat Windows 10

| My school demands me to use windows 10 just so that i can use their shitty programs, heck, this whole Windows 10 thing is a mess, how do i debloat it? TronScript is very popular but it's for cleaning and fix infected computers

>3.4 GB Idle RAM
>Task manager isn't showing what's actually hogging the RAM
>Privacy settings changing by itself
>Computer only goes to shutdown screen 2 minutes after i pressed the power button
>This is what my school forces me to use

| us VMs

| or wine. or software alternatives.

| Find Enterprise LTSC release on rutracker or somewhere else. It's 100% bloat-free and has only security updates. But it's not allowed for normal users, so you will have to use KMSAuto. Or just get Windows 7.

| >>533050 even win7 has its fair share of bloat. Look up debloating and ricing guides, /g/ had a pretty decent one.

| Install Windows 98, ask school tech support for help make them give you a license

| >>533188 it doesn't solve it but might make you feel better

| >>533073 No, not really. There's a huge fucking difference between that and w10 consumer edition.

| Get the pro version and use group policies

| >>533073 While W7 can be considered a bloated OS, W10 is nothing but a rootkit and spyware, that tries to look like an OS.

| >>532901
Schools or University can't demand students to use proprietary software on your private devices. If your school or university depends on proprietary software they have to make the licences and devices available to you. This is not only for privacy but also for antitrust reasons.
For the same reason it's wrong if results are only accepted in proprietary formats.
Imagine a teacher only accepts your writings with ink and paper from one specific brand.

| >>533296 Sorry to break it to you, but w7 has telemetry collection too like most other proprietary operating systems.

| >>533369 There's a difference between telemetry and a spyware. If you don't see a difference between the two then you might be the one with delusions here.

| >>533375 Windows 7 has had the same telemetry collection as Windows 10 for quite some time now. Whatever spyware crap you're talking about is just fabricated nonsense with no evidence to support it whatsoever.

| >>533472 am I really reading someone's post where they unironically say that windows 10 isnt a spyware botnet rootkit buzzword?

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