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konsole kuestion

| how to disable "The program 'program' is currently running in this session. Are you sure you want to close it?" and such things?

| Unplug the console when you want to quit.

Please note: Don't try on PlayStation models.

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| You should try to modify the source code! You suould be able to find the asynchronous code that is executed just when you press the close button. The you could disable the message and modify it so it automatically sends a kill to all the child processes.

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h o w

| If it asks you, just tick the checkbox "don't ask again" and click either on "close window" or "close current tab" button.
in ~/.config/konsolerc under section >[Notification Messages]
(create if not existent)
set for close window (=all tabs)
or for "close current tab"
(Of course without the >
in the beginneing)

Successfully tested in konsole version 18.12.2 in KDE-neon 5.15.1

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thanks! what are these empty tabs?

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Which empty tabs?
Maybe missing icons for close and newtab buttons?
A screenshot would be helpful.

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closeallemptytabs=true ?

| it didn't work. 'The program 'program' is currently running in this session. Are you sure you want to close it?' shows up again.

| Which distro and which konsole version?

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latest kubuntu

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Consider switching to "KDE Neon". Kubuntu is pretty conservative with their packaging and update policy, so that you always will have buggy and shitty KDE software. Also try not to use non-LTS ubuntuoids. Latest Kubuntu is 18.10 while latest Ubuntu LTS is 18.04. KDE-Neon (user edition) is always based on the latest Ubuntu LTS, while it offers the latest stable KDE-packages.

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In short: Change your distro. Kubuntu sucks. Use KDE-Neon instead.

In general: Can you be more precisely about which part was not clear to you? Just "what" is a bit too few information to help you :-(

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