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Any good places to find sprites and tilesets free for commercial use?

| Wasn't too sure if I should ask it here or on /v/, but this feels more appropriate.

Captcha: >alvin soda snort

| Tried spritersresource.com?

| Oh, >for commercial use.

No dice.

| You could open Photoshop, snort some of that soda, and pray something good appears in the screen while you pass out.

| There's lots of sources out there if you look hard enough but you're better off learning the basic skills of what you need to make them. It's not hard to make simple sprites and tile sets and there are plenty of great free tools to make em out there.

| opengameart.org

| >>532295
Unfortunately, I can't draw even if my life depended on it.

And I doubt this of all things would actually help.

Yeah, I think this'll do, thanks.

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This thread is permanently archived