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| Microsoft is a platinum member of the Linux Foundation. Thoughts on Microsoft contributing to FOSS development?

| Well, it's relatively good, I've always had good feedback on people using the open source part of Microsoft.
But it doesn't make Microsoft good however, as they are a problem for open source more than they are helping it overall. As long as they distribute a rootkit/spyware as an OS, they can try to look as good as they want with open source, they'll still be a huge problem.
So it's good, but not enough.

| I think it's pretty good. They give fundings too, which is always good for an open source project. Microsoft can be good if they wanted (or try) to, as >>532268 said.

| Embrace, extend, and extinguish - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Embrace%2C_extend%2C_and_extinguish

| >>532389
Holy shit

| The "good" contribution to open source isn't following this mentality. Devs are just normal devs who like open source.
But for example, buying Github was indeed a way for Microsoft to do this EEE strategy. However the subject was about contribution to FOSS development, not contamination, so it's a bit off-topic

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This thread is permanently archived