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Do I need C++/C# to make a game in Godot, or can I stick with GDScript?

| I prefer GDScript, but I realize that it's 100 times slower than C++/C#. Is it necessary to use those languages, or will a small project be fine performance-wise with only GDScript?

| I never tried the engine so I'll stick to general answers.
First it depends on what you want to do. Many projects don't require speed at all, so those should be fine.
Then, I'd tend to say that except if the engine is terribly bad (and I doubt it), GDScript should be fast enough as long as you have nothing performance-heavy, which shouldn't be the case. Most slow programs are slow because of bad algorithms, not because of the language.

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Performance is important if your application
- is complex
- should be scalable
- should run on older (or mobile) systems
I never heard about GDScript. But usually most programming languages allow to optimize the performance afterwards.
C++ written programs only are usually faster because:
- The language offers/forces hardware near programming
- programs have to be compiled to binary code (no lossy VM or Interpreter)
- c++ programmers are more skilled and experienced

| Applications written in other languages often suck because:
- They rely on a VMs/Interpreters that always cost performance and limit optimization
- They are open to low skilled or lazy developers

If in your case DGScript only suffers from the last issue, than you can compensate it by getting better. But if it's commonly known for a shitty VM/Interpreter than you should consider an other language (not necessarily c++)

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GDScript is interpreted, and that's exactly why I'm a bit worried. I've heard good things about its speed though, and the projects I intend to begin with are definitely not going to be complex - something like a Galaga clone or a more or less basic platformer.
I hope that optimizing the game with C++ code will not be necessary, because I want to get acquainted with GDScript more, but I need some confirmation from people who used the language already.

| C++ at the end of the way will be faster, but GDScript will do fine depending in the type of game

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If this language is made to write programs, then it's interpreter will have some tricks to make things fast enough. Also interpreted languages can often be compiled into bytecode to increase their performance.
On top of that you could look if there are other implementations of the interpreter. E.g. many people don't know that for python exist an alternative high perfomance interpreter called "pypy" beside the usual one ("cpython").

| >>531710 The funny thing with pypt being that it's programmed with Python (which everyone criticises for no reason as a slow language) and runs faster than the C interpreter.

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