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What are stocks even

| I want to lose some money, how do I trade stocks and what terms should I know

| You know this ain't the right board, right?

| Buy bitcoin

| >>528675 hodl

| >>528626 I figure you guys are better than u and this board is dead anyway

| This isn't a terrible board for it. Stocks are kinda like socks. You can get different designs, and some are cooler than others. If you want to buy stocks to get a date, then buy Tesla stocks. Anyone who doesn't understand the stock market will think you're a cool g/u/rl, because they've heard of Tesla, and you own a stock. I wouldn't reccomend buying Bitcoin to make you look cool. It just makes you look like a nerd. For a more in depth explination, take a look at investing...

| introductions on Google. If you want to experience the thrill of the stock market but you have no money, check out investing simulator apps. Some follow the real stock market, so you can try your hand at investing, *and* will be able to pay rent. If you want to know more about investing to look cool, and not to actually make money, let me know. Just remember, don't invest what you aren't willing to lose. Buy low, sell high. Don't cry when you lose everything. Good luck g/u/rl!

| Buy high, sell low

| Buy rice, sell dough.

| I'm guessing, you are from US, op? Or maybe Australia? Because when someone from there thinks about trading, they usually thinks about stock market, not commodity or forex.

I would suggest you to find a good product - product that people will certainly keep buying in the future. Like Coca-Cola, beer, head'n'shoulders, that stuff. You should like it and be quite sure that it is big and ubiquitous enough to stay for long time - years, even decades

| You also should consider tech stocks. They doesn't depend on raw materials and commodities, and not so dependent on workforce and current state of economy (just compare the charts of nasdaq and s&p500).

Then start buying one stock per week. Don't risk the money you can't afford to lose. And educate, educate, educate, gurl! Competitiveness here are cray-cray. You can lose all your money and even more, if you have flaws in your trading strategy, psychology or risk-management.

| >>528692 Learn fucking English, you moron.

| >>528843
Get a life.

| >>528843 I mean I thought it was pretty clear but if you need help u is referring to the board

| >>528850 Eat shit.

| >>528843 You're the one in the wrong here friend.>>528756 here. Have you made any progress yet>>528583? Have you got any dates by impressing people with your vast knowledge of the ecomomy, and stocks in Tesla? Update us g/u/rl!

| Stock markets are like casinos. It's a rich peoples playground. If you don't have enough money, you may have better chances in an actual casino. The bank wins anyways.

Nevertheless, I would agree on >>4a4d9f advices, except for the tech stocks part. Be careful with tech stocks! Lots of them are massively overrated, especially software and web-services. Tech has become some kind of savior religion, to make people forget about political failures - and also solutions.

| Invest in linux

| How far do you guys thing ATVI is gonna fall, new CEO and layoffs did a number on them out seems

| >>529087
Invest in free software service providers. (Free as in freedom, not as in "for free")

| >>528756
That was a very weird, but very good analogy

| >>529382 thanks.

| Lol

| PROTIP: people always need food

| Investment funds if you are looking for long term (20 years +-)

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