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How safe is browser's private window

| Private window in Firefox, incognito mode in Chrome, whatever else it's called.

I often have to print documents in a public printing center, which means I often have log into my accounts with a public computer to access my files.

It's VERY common that, when I get to those computers, it's still logged in into someone else's account. I don't know how those people sleep at night.

Private widow remove all cookies when it's closed. But how safe is that really?

| >>527730 use a fucking pen drive.

| >>527730 in principle it's safe if the owners don't have any lusteners or loggers and have no malware installed

| The more you learn about security, the more you understand that nothing is secure. Those people who sleep at night are the exact reason we can too, because they'll get pawned before we do, simple matter of priorities.

But >>5528d3 is right, don't be stupid and don't login at all from there.

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This thread is permanently archived