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Any reasonably decent over-ear headphones around $50?

| I've had Superlux HD-681 EVO for a year and a half or so, but the built-in cable and the parts it's attached to on the inside are pretty much coming apart now, so I've been thinking of getting a replacement. Superlux had decent audio quality, so I was thinking of getting those, but I fear that the issues with the built-in cable will just start coming back.
Maybe someone has some suggestions as to what to get on a $50-ish budget?

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| I'm by no means an expert but I was researching headphones a week ago and ended up grabbing a pair of Creative Aurvana Live!'s. They go for around 60 bucks and I'm really enjoying the sound quality on them. The main gripes people seem to have with em are weaker noise isolation and narrower soundstage

| I've had some Skullcandy Hesh 2s for a few years, and they've been good - as good a sound as I've heard, at least for my plebian ears, and no reliability problems. The battery might not be as good as it was though, not sure. I think they were $40. They also leak a lot of sound though

| Are Panasonic HTF-600 still around? I used to have them, they sound great for the price.
They broke on the hinge though.

You could also look for Takstar Pro80, they go for ~$60. That's what I'm currently using, they sound great and are very comfy, especially with earpads from Brainwavz HM5.

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Unfortunately, neither are available where I'm from.

After some rigorous searching and comparing reviews, I ended up getting myself some Edifier H840. Pretty decent so far, except they seem to sound a bit "flatter" than my Superlux and the noise-cancelling is a bit too much. Probably will only get semi-open headphones from now on.

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Might not be a terrible idea to check out www.chinkshit.xyz/infographic For cheap headphones that aren't terrible quality(if you don't mind waiting a month for them), I got the onedio studio pro's and I like them but I'm also not a audio elitist. Or check out the headphone general on 4chan cuz iirc they have some good resources

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