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How did you learn to use Linux?

| Books, internet resources? What was it?

| Got my laptop without an OS and I had no licence key for Windows. Got Debian netinstall up after consulting a friend over a whole hour of call. It was fun though and it gave me lots of insight considering the installation was all CLI, much like Arch's or Gentoo's.

| mucking about. Debian was installed on the computers at my university.

| Had a friend very good in tech talking about it in 2013 so I checked out a tutorial online and tried a liveCD of lubuntu that I then used to make a liveUSB of Ubuntu. Then she helped me install Manjaro (an Arch distribution) over a Skype call in 2014 and from there I learned by looking up online and checking the manual when I wanted to know about something or something wasn't working.

| The ArchWiki is an excellent resource by the way

| Came into brief contact with it during secondary school and thought it was cool (and free to experiment with on old PCs lying around).
In university I got sick of Windows in a C++ programming class (much easier to install compilers and tools with apt than arcane mingw/msys fuckery) and I distro-hopped since then. I learned what I needed to keep Arch from crashing and have up-to-date on Debian.

Both the Arch and Debian wikis were incredibly helpful during those times.

| I got in touch with it at my first work place (military). There was an old guy, who was somekind of linux-jedi-master to me. He convinced me about the superiority of UNIX over MSDOS and how to master it.
I also learned a lot from the community over the web.
I'm a bit ashamed, that I really late "discovered" the power of manpages^^

| I learned about Linux through a friend of mine from Twitter. He used to tweet about Linux everyday. I was tired of Windows and wanted to try something faster. Also, I used to just use social networks and play Tibia. Linux was fine to me. My first distro was, of course, Ubuntu. I tried other distros later on and the last one was ElementaryOS. Now, I use MacOS and Linux only on my server.

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This thread is permanently archived