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Any Linux users?

| Just curious how many Linux users there are here. If you do use it id like to hear what distro :)

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>how many Linux users there are here

Joke aside:
All android devices, most routers and most servers run linux.
So everyone who uses Android, a linux-based router or a web-application is a Linux user.

Or could it be that you wanted to know how many people here use a GNU/Linux Distribution on Desktop or Laptop?

| >>525486 yeah sorry I should have clarified GNU/Linux on desktop or laptop lol

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Thanks for clarifying and respecting the importance of precise choice of words (which unfortunately often is massively offended).

Privately on my Dekstop/Laptops I love and use Chakra, which is derived from Arch with a strong focus on KDE and Qt GUI.
At work I have to deal with Ubuntu Server and KDE Neon (Desktop), which both are Debianoids and with CentOS and Scientific Linux, which are RedHat derivates.

| Checking in here with KDE Neon on my laptop and Pop!_OS on my desktop.

| Here with Arch on my laptop, but I've been willing to test out Nix or Void if it wasn't for the lack of time.

| >>525488 I sometimes use Manjaro Xfce that I have installed on an external HDD mostly for creating music or videos and play games.

| >>525489

Talks about importance of using right words

Proceeds to call the machine a Dekstop with a capital D

| I use Kubuntu and I hate it

| >>525662 Yeah kubuntu is one of the worse of the ubuntus from my experience, Ubuntu and Xubuntu are both very nice

| Zorin OS aka Ubuntu with more crap. ^^ Resurrection OS on my Nexus 5.

| I prefer Debian with cinnamon on desktop and laptop. Tried couple of times to switch to mate or xfce as gui because cinnamon is so goddem heavy and a bit slow, but theyre ugly imo.

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XFCE is ugly, but if you put some effort to it, it can be beautiful.

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>doesn't know the difference between words and letters.

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Give KDE-Neon a try. It's a KDE repository on top of Ubuntu, that works much better than Kubuntu.

| Ubuntu touch on my phone, lubuntu on my pcs, dd-wrt on my router, arch on my fridge. Yes my fridge plays Skyrim.

| just got into gentoo not too long ago, then had to give that up once laptop broke. and i cant install gentoo on my pc until my family no longer holds conspiracies about linux "breaking everything"

| >>525486 when people talk about linux they mean the distros and not that kernel bullshit, you absolute mongoloid.

| >>526713 even though it's wrong, it's true

| >>526726 niggers are stupider than any other race, even tho it's true, it ain't the right or smart thing to say to a nigger.

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Ouch, careful when you're swinging that edge around.

| >>526458 every time you see something that has Linux on it, pint it out loudly and annoyingly. THAT CARD READER HAS LINUX ON IT or THAT SMARTLIGHT RUNS LINUX or THE ROUTER RUNS LINUX or THE TV RUNS LINUX or MOM, YOUR VIBRATOR RUNS LINUX ..

At some point, you'll be able to show that Linux is better when you walk into a movie theater and the displays all have windows: signature bsod

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Holy shit. I'll take Linux-powered vibrator. Imagine having that activate through SSH! Or, hell, hack it to replace a Pi!

You've only convinced me we need to build a vibrator running Linux.

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At least it's harder to catch a virus with your linux vibrator, compared to the dirty microcock wangblows.
Jokes aside:
Thanks to the modularity and customizability an IoT vibrator will rather run a small linux than windows. Unfortunately it may need proprietary drivers and it'll be bad maintained.

No need to think about apple here. It's is a closed world on its own by design. There probably will be overprized ios vibrators for fashion victims.

| I feel like the vibrator OS is an untapped market. Danger/u/ could distribute a version of Linux specifically for this reason, and hold the monopoly.

| Using Ubuntu 16.04 like a normie. But honestly, I don't really need anything more sophisticated for my work.

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It should be shipped as a force-feedback device for eroges ;-)

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>You've only convinced me we need to build a vibrator running Linux.
wouldn't even be that difficult
get a vibrator that's a bit on the bigger side, tear it down, put a Pi Zero W in it, then hook up the motor through a transistor to one of gpio pins so you can control the speed with PWM
There you go, wifi enabled linux vibrator, controlled through SSH or web interface. You could even run SNES games on it.

| Dear /tech/ g/u/rls. If you set up a wifi enabled linux vibrator that can be controlled through SSH or a web interface, or even an app on your phone via bluetooth, I will buy the vibrator and rig a Pi in it. We can make this a reality. Preferably a mobile app or web interface, so we can market it as being a user friendly, open source alternative to the mass produced evil proprietary vibrator software already on the market. Will provide proof ofc.

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Apple already introduced an analplug running IOS. This product is known as the Iphone4S (=for ass, get it? LOL)

It should also be compatible with TempleOS, so that true believers can deepen their love to god.

farts ways media

| >>527697 >>73311f here. Second this motion. Always respec TempleOS. If something isn't compatible with TempleOS, I don't use it.

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