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What's your Nano-Camo?

| I usually use Empire, but I think I've fallen in love with Motif.

I'd love to use Vaporwave, but it requires me to memorize all the menu options.

| The va11-hall-a KIDS theme is what real men *ahem*... g/u/rls use

| I usally use vaporwave, but just switched to unity.

| Empire, but thinking about switching to KIDS.

| noir ftw

| Empire.

| Empire, but occasionally I switch to noir or unity

| v a p o r w a v e

| motif, but i just switched to noir

| Unity is the best.

| I actually want to have a go at making my own, but Empire.

| Default, because I'm a weenie.

| Sad to see nobody using lain here.

| >>525953 (same poster) and great to see nobody using burg here.

| >>525953 switching back and forth to lain and empire

| Classy

| I was using noir, but I recently switched to motif.

| So interesting, tema zbs

| Usually I stick to vaporwave. I'd love to use lain, but I don't think it's well done. I do like noir and motif though.

| Unity

| Unity definitely gives me guud feelz

| Empire, motif, kids

| >>6483e5 how have you not memorised it lol? There aren't that many options on where to go in the menu and 99% of the time it's just to danger/u/ in the top left

| Hey it's me, the OP.

Seems like Empire is the most popular one, that's pretty cool, ig

| Using burg for about a week now.

| >>526924 You're trash.

| >>527094 And I'm lovin it.

| I'm using motif

| Unity is perfect for me.

| i use motif, but empire and vaporwave are nice as well

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This thread is permanently archived