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Should I learn lisp as my first language?

| Im into all that academic programming and math and stuff yeah. Don't know shit about them tho. Any advices on how do I become cool mathematician programmer and such stuff?

| Intermediate Lisp programmer here: yes and no. Lisp is good, but only if you have grasped the basics of programming.

Think of it as a language that you cleanse yourself with after dipping into Python and Go and other weird languages.

I'm not stopping you here though. I advocate the use of Lisp more, but I wouldn't put it as a recommendation for a first language.

You *can* still be a sexy mathematician programmer and wield Perl. Or Ruby. Or whatever people actually use nowadays.

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What you're looking for is SICP. It's a legendary CS book which teaches you Scheme (a LISP dialect).

If you power through that book you'll be more knowledgeable on CS than 95% of webmonkeys.

They also have MIT Lectures recorded, look it up.

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There is a "extremely aggressive Scheme compiler" called "stalin".
If you operate with a debianoid system:
apt show stalin

| If it's for first go, do something simple like VBASIC.
It's useful enough, and you can learn it in like 5 hours.

| Also, Python is a more advanced VBASIC, so if you learn that first you can hop into Python no problem

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This thread is permanently archived