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Programming music

| You guys always talk about your music players but what music do you listen to that keeps your thinking gears turning? Or do you prefer complete silence so you actually can hear yourself thinking?

| >>524597 va-11 soundtrack, non English if whispering asmr, and touhou music

| the same music I listen to while not programming.

| Clear lyrics tend to distract me, so it's mostly instrumental-likes: soundtracks (Touhou, MonHun, Elder Scrolls, NieR:A), electronic music (Audiofreq's Audiology) or metal (The Interbeing's Among The Amorphous, Wintersun's Forest Seasons atm).
Anything with a distinctive beat or a smooth groove really, but then again, that's what I listen to at other times as well.

| I prefer silence. But when I don't, I turn on code radio by freecodecamp, you could easily find it on YouTube. Most of the times it is pretty good. Lo-fi hip-hop channels are also nice

| Silence when debugging, but when writing the code, I tend to play a lot of instrumental soundtracks from games and movies. I don't mind lyrics, but I like instrumentals best.

| >>524646
>Listening to metal while coding
My man. Also thanks for the rec.

I'm pretty much the same, though I'm more okay with lyrical songs, with the caveat that the song have to be familiar. If I play a new song, I'd just get distracted.

| >>524818 Tbh I may not be a good reference: I once fell asleep to "Those Whom The Gods Detest" by Nile, in a good soothing way (not boredom).

Other good coding ones are ofc Nile, Bal-Sagoth, Alestorm, Gloryhammer, Vanden Plas and Swashbuckle. I tried programming with BABYMETAL, but the perkiness got distracting.

>>524650 I'm going to look those up, thanks for mentioning them.

| I prefer silence for work and vaporwave or slow instrumental for half-chill coding. Especially blank banshee, windows 96, morrowind st, 2064 st and some random lo-fi from soundcloud.

| who is this "silence" band and why are they so popular here??

| Just getting something done: vaporwave/synthwavey stuff, podcasts, VA-11 HALL-A

Trying to work quick: Eurobeat, Pendulum, HARDCORE SYNDROME, anything with a bpm that's too fucking quick

| >>524894
1)absence of any sound or noise; stillness.
2)the state or fact of being silent; muteness.

| Uplink OST

| Anything by Kraftwerk.


| Crypt of the Necrodancer OST

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