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Launcher IOS 12 in the Google Play store

| Wtf is this? What are these apple fags doing on Android? And why don't they just buy iPhones if they love them so much

| Some people just like the aesthetic, but most of the launchers iOs-like in the play store are botnet/ad hell

| >>523856 this

I used to like the old IOS aesthetic a lot to the point i fully modded the entire launcher to look like IOS

| iOS has great design. But the backend lockdown, the price and the owner is too shit for many people to just buy based on design

| >>523930 this is how you tell apart someone who has reason to dislike Apple from people like op who hate Apple because it's cool

| I used iPhones until they killed the headphone jack. Fuck that shit.

They have great software but on the whole they're so consumer unfriendly they don't deserve their rabid fans.


pretty much same

| my stupid lg phone came with an apple emulating launcher + keyboard. absolutely ridiculous.

| Im on a vivo device, and the mimicks of Apple really bite me sometimes smhhh

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This thread is permanently archived