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| Discussing about things we already talked about a hundred times is the best way to revive a board..?
I've noticed that the god tier browsers such as ungoogled-chromium and icecat doesn't officially support windows and that kinda sucks though i don't really care since i have iridium and it works like a charm.

| I think the answer is whatever floats your boat. If you wanna use a telemetry infused chrome, go for it. Wanna wget your sites via a local DNS and 3 nested layers of VPN so you can read the html in plaintext? Great, you do you (seriously tho, wtf).

Me? I have firefox on my work machine and chromium at home. Good for different use cases.

| I'm quite a fan of qutebrowser, the keyboard-based navigation is really nice as a stubborn vimmer.

| Firefox(Or any fork) with the classic privacy addons is comfy on windows.In my VM I use IceCat

| I use Google Ultra.

| >>523815
Firefox ESR

| I'm still grueling from when Opera sold their soul to become yet another chromium fork and dropped ALL of the power-user features the browser had.

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This thread is permanently archived