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Favorite MP3/FLAC Player


| rip

| Computer
Mpd + ncmpcpp



Usually use my computer to make playlists as it conveniently encodes it into m3u which works with the other players too

| Is there something like foobar2k available for Linux?
Poweramp is good for Android but I don't like the new UI. I give Vanilla Music a try.
I listen to FLAC at home. My library is bigger than phone's storage, so on Android it's AAC. MP3 sounds just bad.

| Musicbee

| >>5e19eb
Poweramp can be themed, but I don't know if that affects button placement

| For windows - MPC
For Android - Poweramp , BlackPlayer

| Windows - Foobar 2000/Dopamine, Linux - Clementine, Android - Sony Music/ Vinyl. Foobar plays nice with rainmeter, but otherwise I prefer Dopamine. I like Sony's music app, but unless you have an xperia phone or you spoof yours to get it, you'll never see it.

| Dopamine is pre a e s t h e t i c, and plays all my music in FLAC and MP3 just fine.

| >>5e19eb Deadbeef is aesthetically very similar to foobar2k.

| f2k on windows, mpd/ncmpcpp on loonix, vinyl on android. it's pretty good tbh

| Clementine, rhythmbox, or musikcube on Linux
Clementine or audacious on windows
Vinyl on android


| Foobar 2000

| Quod Libet on desktop PC. Pretty nice and simple player with regex search support.

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This thread is permanently archived