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What's the hardest repair /tech/ has done?

| Anyone has any good stories?

| It's not the hardest, but it's the most annoying: I needed to repair those stupid little antenna cables that attach to a mini-PCIE WiFi card. It wasn't that hard, as it's basically just connecting two ends together, but because I didn't have tweezers or callipers I had to do it manually.

Those little twats gave me nightmares of bruised fingers.

| Changing the glass of a smartphone (It was a LG, but I dunno which model).
It was horrible to remove the broken glass from the screen, without damaging it. A whole new display would have costed 90$, the glass only was only 3$. But it took me a couple of hours this way. Unfortunately at first some pieces of broken found glass their way to the flex-cable connector and broke it. But I was not giving up, ordered another flex-cable, i found luckily on the internet for <1$, and fixed it!

| Recoiling (soldering coil) broken earbud driver. The coil was really small. It's smaller than my hair.

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This thread is permanently archived