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Which is your favourite Music player?

| Personally on a GUI I prefer Clementine and VLC. On the command line I just discovered cmus, which is totally the thing if your're used to vi-alike shortcuts. Together with the cli-visualizer "vis" it's rock solid. Because of it's stability I seriously consider this as a replacement for mixxx (which I have to compile myself) and the jack audio driver for public playback a.k.a. "djing".

| I always use Plex for my music so

| I have cmus and Deadbeef for everyday use, and VLC if I need something more bulky. Though cmus alone usually is enough to handle most things.

| foobar2000, probably.

| I usr mpv with a custom script to create a playlist from the files in my music dir

| Mpd +ncmppc or however it's spelled. Got used to it after pinching all the power I could muster out of a weak netbook and have been sticking with it ever since.

| On android I use Phonograph, on PC VLC

| Phonograph is nice for mobile. I use an app called MusicBee for desktop, you're able to configure tons of drivers and outputs and sample rates.

| Winamp 5.8

| PotPlayer with a custom skin

| iTunes for ripping, Winamp for playing.

| >>521638 sounds great, i think ill try it

| >>521201 could you pass me a link to this vis thingy? i was searching for something like that for a project of mine a while back

| I prefer for pc PotPlayer, and for Android/IOS N7player

| Winamp forever

| standard samsung music player for my android

| Sorry. Forgive me. Google play music.

I use Videolan for Android to stream radi/u/ across the neighborhood, though

| >>522094
I also use an old version of the samsung one, it is pretty good.

| >>521201
Foobar 2000 on Windows, Audacious on Linux, Samsung Music on Android.

| sony music player
Whether it is hardware or software.
I love them all.

| Winamp was the only other one that I could get to import my obnoxious 360-hour mess of a playlist beyond WMP

| tried to use quodlibet, bit it FICKING DELETED THE COVER ART FORVTHE SONGS I LISTENED, OUT OF NOWHERE, so I then tried to use Clementine, and went back to groove music, I dont regret it.

| I stick with Pulsar for android.

| Foobar all the way

| I do use WINAMP on my PC. It's way better than the standard WMP.

| >>521748
Sure, here you go:

Protip: Use it together with "byobu", so you could have it in a split-view with other programs like cmus.

| Musicbee

| re: cmus, I use mpd+ncmpcpp for a command line music player setup. One of the nicest music players I have used. For portable devices I'm a rockbox fan.

| Foobar for desktop and Poweramp for phone

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