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why /tech/ is dead

| >CES 2019
>Radeon VII drops
>mid-range Ryzen engineering sample shits allover 9900K
>not a single post on /tech/

| Oh? I thought this was going to be about Linux. Back to noresume.

| >>520809 cpu is proprietary, so it shouldn't be discussed in here

| Mfw this board is full of broke amd fanboys

| They're not out yet and I can't afford VII and find feel the need to upgrade my current ryzen CPU just yet, it's cool though and I hope that amd gpus will be competitive again Nvidia needs a fire lit under their ass and to stop being asses to the open source community

| You can see the reason why in your first three replies.

| >>521112 I'm using intel and will change to ryzen when I upgrade my PC.

| The fact that the demo matched 9900K at lower TDP means the chip fell apart when they tried to boost clocks any further, else they would have gone for matching TDPs. Wait for review samples.

| >>520809
It's called /tech/ and not /tech-product-advertisement&presentation-exhibition/. A mistake that is well known from the "offline world".

| ok I'm starting to agree with all those windows plebs this was funny but it's too much when you literally can't talk about tech news because it's not open source enough >>521202 >>520900 >>520893 >>520816

| >>521214 this is the point that I've been saying for months in here. The fact that an OS (or anything) can be defined as "non-tech" because it is created by a corp and not open source; therefore, shouldn't be posted in here, is ridiculous.

| >>521262 ehh I'd still prefer to avoid tech support for Windows

| >>521272 then that attitude leads to today

| >>521285 everything in moderation

| >>521290 except for tea. You can drink so much of that and it's amazing. Seriously. Pour that sugar in there. With enough, you'll be able to see them. Beauty.

| >>521331 I've got some oolong in my cabinet that's taking me a while to get through but is really good

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This thread is permanently archived