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Non-corporate video chat?

| I'm going to be on a small video call, but we haven't decided on the logistics yet. I'd like to use a non-corporate, ideally p2p software for it but don't know any. These people are familiar with computers but aren't technical, and i don't know what os they're on.

Can anyone recommend some software that works well, easily amd intuitively and is at least a bit better than skype or google shit? Some I've seen as maybe are wire, signal desktop, linphone, hello, jami, tox

| Well, if anyone sees it and cares, we used itshello.co, which uses javascript amd webrtc to set up peer to peer video connections between people. It worked well, certainly better than skype, and while it's not privacy-focused it is pretty good, independent and extremely easy to use. So I'd recommend it for video chat with non technical people.

| I've heard nextcloud has some feature like this but I've never had the chance to try it

| i know that the tox protocol has videochat stuff, but dont ask me which clients use it.

| there is also Framatalk

| Jitsi Meet (as well as Jitsi Desktop) is a very nice tool

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This thread is permanently archived