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A Dangeru.us Ted talk idea?

| So I live in a city where we have a local TedX each year. For the last 2 or so years, I have wanted to host my own talk on mesh networks, decentralized systems, and truly free software. After last years talk I finally thought "what the heck, I'll put my name in to the hat" but I had an idea when doing some preliminary work on it. "why not talk to some of you g/u/rls and see what you would think would be important in the talk?" as we all know you love Free software.

| As a side note, they open applications for talks some time after the new year, and pick from the ones offered to see if they can get a theme out of them. So there is no promise that this will ever happen. -OP

| You should share your talk here first so we/I can evaluate it and tell you what to remove or improve on.

Either way Good Luck!

| Will do. It'll clearly need to be made into parts or posted elsewhere and linked to. -OP

| You might be able to get a sticky thread made

| Im interested, as a non-geek. I could help in parts where I could identify some concepts the average guy can't grasp, if any.

| I think, it still is important to explain the differences between "free/libre", "open" and "proprietary" software at the beginning. Then you can advance to your mesh networks and decentralized systems and showing that and why they should run with free (as in freedom) software. For the liberal TED audience you could argue that it actually is possible to earn money with free Software (e.g. by offering services) and why it is a good way to protect the market from monopolization.

| omg i love this idea ^^
from what city you come? i'll glad to watch it and hear :)

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