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| Hey guys! I do web design here and would like to know. Can I make any amendments to the really interesting works of other authors, publish already modified works with the indication of the original author? I mean, can I accept the liberty as a joint work? I do not want to get on the head for copyright

| wouldn't it depend on where you live and how you define "publish"? like, if you take someones site, change colours, and call it your your own original "twist" it would be a no-go. Also, are you planning on selling this work, or sharing it.

| >>f1f320 No, the source code will be open to everyone, I just want to offer my own version of the design and take into account any things that the author of the original work did not take into account.

| if you have no revenue it's most likely unpunishable but it's still probably bad etiquette. probably better to contact the owner of the original site and ask them.

| >>519642
>I do web design
Don't do web design and learn Qt instead. Problem solved.

| in us law every work has a copyright regardless if they registered it, so it's under copyright and now you need to figure out if your use is fair use or not, whatever those music channels on YouTube may have you believe just because you're not making money or say "it's fair use bro" doesn't make it so, you need to transform the work so it's not "substantially similar" not exactly sure how that would go with the source of a web page though, and the chances of someone being upset 1/2

| The chances of someone being upset are quite low if your just doing it on a small private low traffic website
If you're lucky there's a thing at the top that says it's under gpl or bsd licence or something in which case you can totally use it, you might also be able to ask who wrote it if you can use and modify it for yourself if you want to stay on the up and up

| Oh uhh
-not a lawyer

| IANAL, but always check the original licence. If it's licenced under something like CC0/CC-BY (or similar licences; MIT, GPL, etc), then you probably can do that, spare the requirement of attribution you need to do sometimes.

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This thread is permanently archived