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I just started learning D!

| I feel you gurls would be interested about it. It is a modern upgrade of the programming languages C and C++.

I basically came across it by accident and it just clicked, I felt like it was the language I was going to learn.

I already know the very basics of C++ (IO and loops and stuff) and am okay with some Python (like basic scripting using libs, I don't use object oriented programming yet), but most of my "programmer mindset" came by using Basic Casio.

What are your thoughts?

| I love the d

| Update: I finished the book's chapter about arrays. Slices are amazing!

captcha lol: foamy rafts raved

| you can read the book here by the way:

| pleaaaseeeee don't let this thread die, programming is fun! Also I think D should be involved in danger/u/ at some point, just for the joke.

| >>519224 Thanks for the link! I always wanted to try out the D (language) since hearing about it, as a change of pace from the usual C++ stuff, but couldn't find a decent starting point.
Sadly it likely won't get widespread adoption like Python or C++, but it seems to be as good a language as any for personal projects.

| D! programmed in D! is my new life goal.

| >>519527 D factorial? I like the way you're thinking, but that seems a tad hard.

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This thread is permanently archived