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macos is better than both windows and linux


| As someone running osx I have to say that Apple gimping other os's from running on my MacBook pro by disabling the Intel GPU is not cash money

| Also not great that you have to install 3rd party software to do basic package management but brew is pretty good so

| Refusing to support Vulcan is dumb as fuck, and not implementing kernel features that the wine team need is also dumb a fuck

| All the recent security holes don't leave me with confidence, especially when I was about to log into my MacBook as root with no password myself

| >>518889 able not about

| All you had to do was press enter with no password like 3 times, yes someone at Apple fucked up the login screen if you had the root user enabled; this also worked remotely if you had any services like vnc running

| >>518892 login prompt I mean, the bug appeared when they went from a floating login prompt to one that comes down from the title bar

| I found an iMAC in the trash the other day. I wanted to know why people go so crazy about MacOS, SO I forced myself to use it for a week.
First off, Apple wouldn't let me update my OS past 10.7.5, which shouldn't be a *problem* for an i5 2400s and 4gb RAM.
Steam was out of the question as well, so I was stuck playing smaller games like 洞窟物語。
Second off, the screen management is ass.
It feels like I have 12 sticky notes and need to look at all of them at once

| Not only that, but basic management features like pulling the window to the top of the screen did not make the window maximized, and even when I did maximize the screen, there was still that dipshit dock at the bottom, with empty space around it.
I also didn't have an apple keyboard or mouse, Apple mice are shit anyways and I replaced it with my gaming keyboard.

| Finally, the security was atrocious.
I didn't have the password, I found the Mac in the trash, but I was able to change the password in all of 15 minutes, despite never using a mac before.

All of this is coming from someone who's used windows his whole life.
I'm also not super tech savvy, the most tech savvy thing I've done is build a PC.

| MacOS is basically linux but better.

| >>518938 worse* since Vulcan doesn't work and wine support is more spotty

| >>518922 can't say I've tried to do that but you can remove windows passwords in less than a min with a Linux boot disk or you can do it in safe mode for Windows but that's actually slower, so that's probably fairly even

| >>518920 I believe that drag to maximize was a m$ invention.

For the dock that's actually how Windows does it too with the taskbar unless it's *actual* fullscreen or the program forces itself over it; solution is to set the dock to auto hide, same as windows

| >>518919 I agree the whole "too old to update" thing is bullshit

screen management is ass? You're going to need to explain that too me since osx has the multiple workspaces feature from Windows 10 (long before m$) and alt tab works just the same, perhaps move things to another workspace and switch back and forth, should be Ctrl + an arrow key

| Weak bait

| no

| Screen management is ass.
I shouldn't have to jack off my computer so that I can make a window take up exactly half the screen,
I want to be able to do it quickly.
Another thing, The iMac doesn't have dual monitor support without Thunderbolt, and I am used to just plugging in a spare monitor that I have lying around if I want to do dual monitor things.

| My problem with the dock is that you can see the wallpaper on either side of it and it has transparent bits. it's not clean at all compared to the Taskbar, which is neat and tidy, and has all of its features in one place, not the fucking windows/mac button in a top corner, the searchbar requires you to enter a command to access, and the dock takes up half the bottom, never mind that by default it's full of useless shit.
Window's taskbar is *way* cleaner than he dock.

| MacOS takes away their users freedom, so it is very bad. Plus apples products are generally overpriced and very restrictive on purpose. Is there even any way to use MacOS legally on non-apple hardware?
Also Apple systematically outwits antitrust policy and avoids paying taxes. But at the same time this company makes money with knowledge taken from public institutions. It's like plundering the tax payer and giving back nothing in return but restrictive products.

| >>519137 if clicking and dragging is "jacking off your computer" then you might not want to touch your mouse again
I personally don't understand this because I always disable windows snapping, it gets in the way of how I want to position my windows but to each their own

2nd monitor must be a hardware thing my MacBook pro has HDMI out and works fine apple seems to like removing hardware features though

| >>519140 you can add things to make it longer adjust scale and transparency or move it to the side and turn on autohide like me, again I personally don't get this because I always start my programs from launchy on Windows (because win 10 search is hot garbage) or spotlight and have the dock/taskbar on autohide; leading into "search requires a command" you mean pressing cmd + space is too hard compared to win key? Or do you just not use keyboard shortcuts that often?

| >>519140 all features in one place, not really osx combines apps menus into the status bar with you'd have to press alt to see on Windows, the only thing out of place is the programs everything else is in the status bar

| Something of note when I'm doing something that needs more than one window open on my MacBook it's 3 fingers Swype left or right to switch workspaces so it's super easy, I can see how it's a bit more involved with just a keyboard

| >>68475f

cool story bro

| >>519351 how fucking stupid are you?

| >>519409 not stupid enough to use proprietary bloatware

| >>518938 macOS is basically FreeBSD, but worse

| So everyone except that one guy who's been sucking apple off for the last few years is in agreement that MacOS is just bad?
Sounds good

| Also by "Jacking off my computer" He means that it's overly complicated compared to dragging the windows to the side.
Cmd+space for the spotlight isn't really the most intuitive thing either.
It doesn't tell you that anywhere in the interface.
It's not like Windows, with MacOS you have to know exactly what you're doing, you can't just jump in like Windows.
Also, the different workspace sucks more dick than a 5$ prostitute.
Let me just click on the windows.

| >>519530 I actually did just jump in totally fine

| >>519529 don't actually like Apple they have shit business practices and shit hardware only thing good is the looks and their use of hi-dpi and ssds before they were common

However I would order my preference of os Linux > osx > windows

Also to make my point a bit more the MacBook I have I didn't even buy I was given it

| just because I disagree or don't understand an issue someone has doesn't mean I'm sucking apples dick, my first 5 or so posts in this thread are complaints about osx; but it sounded to me like a Windows user switched to osx then was upset that it wasn't windows

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