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/tech/ is dying

| Lets hate some proprietary stuff and praise outdated tech and linux, so it looked like /tech/ is alive and well.

P.S. Happy new year.

| Good riddance

| /tech/s dead baby, /techs/ dead.

| Well, no wonders, I came here and asked, which program is better, and people told me that both is proprietary shit. But it wasn't the question

| If you want to share your opinion - don't push it to the people's noses, share it after answering the question and maybe person asking will give a think about it

/tech/ is most cancerous board here, I think

| >>518255 tech isn't cancer, it's just full of memers

| Many people come here and some of them post random stuff that dont fit the theme. Also a word look-up system would be useful because people can't know what each tread has for a topic and there also could be an alteration like the first 10 post are about hardware issues and starts a discussion on a software issue. tAll im saying is that a sorting system would be usefull, but its only a suggestion.

Or I just don't know how forums work and so thats why it's only a suggestion.

| Did I miss the proprietary announcement that windos brainlet will gather and cry together in this topic?

| >>518658
And here's why /tech/ died, people just try too hard

| >>518763 I'm sure real /tech/ gurls would prefer this board to die than having it turned into windows tech support board.

| >>518953 but /tech/ also shouldnt be linux tech support

| >>518953 you are just hating something for attention, and made a circlejerk out of a small board in a mostly unknown website, where ideally users like you should be in 4chan

| What's wrong with linux?

| >>519041
what's right?

| >>519204 It's less money in microsofts pocket

| >>519231 you do understand that Bill Gates runs one of the biggest charity compaign? How many sick kids Linus Torvalds have cured?

| >>519379 he's just jealous mate.

| >>519379 that's nice but Torvalds makes much less than bill anyway so it's not a fair comparison to begin with even if Torvalds put every cent he has into helping those poor keeds

| >>519408 you being poor as shit has nothing to do with bill gates. Stop bitching about rich people.

| Lol is this what /tech/ is for? A few bois arguing over OSs and not actually discussing how to make some REAL stuff?

| >>519422 let's discuss about making a super quantum computer AI capable of mining bitching with futuristic algorithms

| >>519422 welcome to the shithole, my gurl!

| >>519379 Sick kids can go to hell for all I care. Especially ones from turd world countries.

| >>519379
which is run as a continuation of population control initiatives from post world war.

Linus wrote/manages kernel development which powers Android that could be argued has helped many more people in poor countries.

| >>519412 I'm not, if you read that I'm making the argument that it's not a fair comparison

| Gurls losing their shit about how much money Bill Gates suck out of people. Me, whole life using pirated windows. With friends, who are using pirated or oem windows...

| Linux is useless for gaming. Change my mind

| >>519600 linux is free, no need to be proud of pirating if you can just learn a bit and use the legit free one.

>>519602 wine, dualboot

| >>519602 steam proton is literally one click to install a game and all the wine tools needed to run it and works with a very large portion of the games on steam

| Wrong answer. You should have said "games are proprietary software"

| >>519618 everything is proprietary, the only true open source is your mom

| >>519621 but women are property therefore proprietary

| >>519379 it's always amazing how effective a PR campaign can be to erase all your illegal and immoral practices that gave you all that ill-gotten wealth in the first place. Keep up being a good stooge.

| >>519618 >>519618 >>519618 >>519618 >>519618 >>519618 >>519618 >>519618 >>519618

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