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I finally managed to install arch.

| What now?

| I'm still struggling with Debian. But one day Arch will be mine.
Although I do wonder what's the point of making my life that hard.

| Now it's time to install gentoo

| What desktop or Windows manager should I install?

| >>517759 lxde if you want a complete de. A tiling vm like awesome otherwise.

| >>517756
>that hard
It's as easy as setting up Debian netinstall. Updates are even easier in Arch because you aren't tracking updates by arbitrary OS version, no 'update the OS this year for longer support' either.

| >>517759
I would recommend the KDE-Plasma Desktop.
If you look for something more resource friendly, have a look at LxQt. Since it's based on the same UI-Engine (Qt), as KDE most Applications from KDE integrate seamless into LxQt (and vice versa). You can install them parallel and choose between them during login either remotely with "x2go" or locally with a local display/session/login-manager like "sddm".
Most other Desktops (and apps) use GTK as ui-engine, which sucks.

| >>517751
delete your VM

| >>517853 I didn't install it on a virtual machine.

| In the words of an achorman: I don't believe you.

| >>517772
Setting up Debian was easy, maintaining it properly is hard. Mint was way easier.

| Arch is just a toy

| >>517939
Debian has been nirvana for me for many many years now. But with sadness, I know that my next install when the time comes, will be Devuan. Systemd has become worse than svchost.

| >>517751
install gentoo

| >>517751 Wait for Elon Musk OS.

| >>517980
See, I don't understand what you're talking about. I am not ready for Arch.

| >>518428
tl;dr "my girlfriend now is needy and unstable, I want our relationship gone."

| >>518428
Systemd initially was an init script (scripts that run when you start the system that prepares everything in your computer to be used, it's like when you turn on a car and the car turns on all the needed mechanisms to work). I said was because Systemd started to be more invasive with other processes, irrespecting the unix philosophy. The main risk isn't that, but the fact that almost every distro uses systemd, without an option to change it.

| >>518428 systemd guy again :)
Systemd is also a theorical source of vulnerabilities because of power it has, and it would be a literal One Piece of a backdoor for not only attackers but goverment agencies.

| The thing is most functionality systemd provides you'd install 99% of the time anyway.
You could easily argue it's more secure to keep that in a single well maintained and audited package then dozens or hundreds of small miscellaneous packages.

| Capcha

| >>518809 >>518438 >>518437
Thanks for the explanation.

| >>518809 Sounds like a lot of work. Are people actually trying to do something about this? Are you?

| I actually like systemd, because it makes administration easier to me. But I also see the issues people have with it, as it somehow violates the unix standards that I also love and respect. I just wish distributors would make it more optional in their distros. All distros I currently (have to) work with are very depended on systemd. I think it's also because it makes things easier for distributors. Comfort always has its price and sometimes is a false friend.

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