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Thoughts on wayland and sway?

| How long do you think it will take to replace X?
Do you use a wayland wm/de, if so, what are the downsides you've recognized?

| >>517378 is there a real need to replace X?

| >>517414 For development it's supposedly archaic and therefor hard to work with. Us users might not not notice it but developers wants something more streamlined.

| >>517417 Don't forget the countless exploits

| >>517489 I have full control of your computer now. /s

If I hacked someone, I would probably look at everything on the computer, snicler at *that* folder, and then clean up the temp folders, change the DNS settings to cloudflare, update everything on reboot, and leave a text file about how I fixed and upgraded some stuff and 'donate to this Bitcoin wallet if you want to help me with rent'

Of course I would make a funny backdoor in like the magnifier app or something.

| I would love to use wayland, as long:
1. there is a replacement for the remote-desktop solution "X2go"
2. it works stable with nvidia graphic cards (at least with the open source drivers).

| >>517776 I agree, unfortunately I think 2 is going to be hard, nouveau has bad performance, though I believe it does work with Wayland, and Nvidia with their middle finger for open source isn't likely to have Wayland support for many years

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This thread is permanently archived