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An updater for win10 but with a filter of what you want?

| I need windows for work so no choice, but i want an updater like in win7 but for win10. I summon all the windows lords that successfully made it an actually usefull os. How do you control your updates? I want only security updates, maybe you have an idea?

| I think people were running lts(or whatever m$ calls them) versions or embedded if you can snag one, and I believe you can control updates on Enterprise windows

| >>517026 i heard about lts, it is unbloated and the updates are less strict but it still comes all in one package, no choice of what do i want to update, so that's why i am asking

| >>517107 well the only ones that let you choose is the more expensive versions

| >>517002 I believe with winaero you can enable the hidden windows update from win7, but I haven't done so and don't know if that's what you need

| Not exactly what yout want but you can remove the bullshit from w10 afterwards.


| Op here
>>517415 >>517420 thanks for the tools, though i already know some of them so i am mostly interested in the updates. I haven't seen any hidden win7 updates options in winaero, but maybe some updates added that.

| WSUS offline update

Check "Use 'security only updates' instead of 'quality rollups'"

| >>517463 sounds good, ill try it. Thx

| I heard that w10privacy has something like this, but I cant remember for sure. I know it was endorsed by either prism-break or privacytools.io

| Lubuntu with a VM is good...

Basically install everything in a 64bit windows10 VM and copy the good KBxxxxxx updates into a 64bit Windows 7 VM. You could probably symlink specific folders of the windows installations for maximum security.

Or use something like liquidskygaming or AWS rentals if you *really* need windows.

| I really wonder why dont you gurls get Windows Server 2016 (or 2019) and try to find peace and comfort with that? If you cant use a proper os for whatever reason, then go directly for the least sucky option from Winworld.

| >>517002
>I need windows for work so no choice
This is what you believe. There are many choices, e.g. search another job or convince your boss not to make his company dependent on DOS.
>i want an updater like in win7 but for win10
I don't get paid by microsoft, so no choice but to ask the official microsoft support:
or search for a commercial third party provider that supports DOS.

| >>517775 people already answered my question, nobody asked your "muh linux", i have manjaro linux on my home laptop but at work they gave me a pc with all the tools and win10, and the software is developed in visual studio and is for windows, so this is the moment when less retarded people just want to make it comfy.

| They say Win10 Enterprise has a lot of the crap removed. A friend of mine has tried it for around a month now, and he says "there is peace again in my computer, like back when there was Win7 more or less".

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This thread is permanently archived