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7-Zip vs WinRAR


| WINrar

| winRAR is proprietary therefore evil, also .rar is inferior, 7-Zip is open source source

| >>517044 also, 7z compresses with lzma, which is the densest algorithm out there.

| 7z can divide a single archive over multiple files, which is quite useful if you have to transfer a file over the sneakernet with a drive of limited size.

| Winrar for the meme

| 7z

| 7z4evr

| ... Either you're trolling or just plain retarded, OP.

| That compression method used in that one episode of Rockman.EXE Stream.

The one where that russian guy freezes things until they compress.

| tar.xz >

| >>517297
suck my cock

| >>517677 7-Zip has better compression, and therefore better sucking capabilities.

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This thread is permanently archived