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Need help with PC's rear audio port

| Got an Asus Prime B450-Plus motherboard. For some reason, when using headphones, the audio port in the rear makes the sound completely flat, for the lack of a better word. The port on the front panel works fine with the same pair of headphones, providing rich sound with clearly pronounced lows and highs and satisfying bass. I'm not sure how the ports are wired inside other than the rear one comes directly from the motherboard and the front one does not.

| The issues I see are usually the motherboard's audio port doing better output than the case's ports. Have you tried putting in a different motherboard to make sure you aren't having a defective board?

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Heard the same, too, and that's exactly why I'm pretty confused to see it doing the opposite.
Unfortunately, I do not have a spare motherboard to test it.
One thing I've seen when googling is that the case port is intended for headphones, while the motherboard's back port is for active audio systems with external power. Which, while it would explain everything, sounds kinda questionable at best.

| It's a pretty dubious explanation. I wouldn't call it out on it being a board feature yet. Does this happen to all of the ports, or does this only happen to just one of them?

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There's a single green audio out port in the back, and a single one in the front, working as I described.

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Okay, so. Channeling all my google-fu prowess I finally found something more or less substantial. Apparently, Realtek ALC887 that comes on this motherboard offers 2 Ohm impedance on an amplified port (the front one in this case) and 200 Ohm on an unamplified port (the back one). I believe that might be the root of the issue?

| Yeah. There's probably a driver that can help you on realtek's site. Also, did you try changing the actual driver properties? I know you can do a virtual amp in sound settings, as well. Did you try a headset with both mic and stereo speakers?

| While the ALC887 is not the best, it's still good enough for most people. Try reinstalling your driver. You could also try a live cd of linux to check your audio.

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