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Mr Reol spammer

| Will this force pref to introduce the doom that Google's recaptcha is here?

I liked current captcha, but it's too easy to force through with simple ocr. It's a shame that some small peepee kid will make things harder for everyone just so he can masturbate to his 1337 h4ck3r ski112.

| If I was that kid this post was better than introducing google

| >Google's recaptcha
pls for the love of god no

| I'd rather deal with reol spammer's spam than use recaptcha

| Googles recaptcha is fucking dogshit bad. I'd just stop going here if I had to use it.

| Well, you could try to create aa different kind of captcha.

Anyone got some ideas?

| >510730
Use a custom font, add bigger and smaller letters, bigger ones are inputed capitalised but are not capitalised in the img.
Maybe something with tilt or make it have a obvious pattern random in a pool of letters>

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This thread is permanently archived