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Android keyboards

| Are there any good open source keyboards for Android? I've been using Gboard because that's what came with my pixel but I'd prefer not to but I can't live without Swype

| Gboard may be a spyware by /tech/ standards. You can try using AnySoftKeyboard, but I think swipe/gesture input is still in testing for it; I'm not sure, last time I used it was two months ago.

| Swype is a thing? I always thought it's too unwieldy and requires users to readjust their habits.

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Swipe input is handy with one hand (pun not intended). It's much faster than trying to reach individual keys using your thumb alone, but it depends on who is implementing it.

I have found Google's implementation to be better than most, but this could be my habit playing a bias on me.

| >>498897 yeah it might but I'm one of those people who adopted it as soon as it came out because touch screen keyboards just feel bad to use

| The update removed my comment but anysoftkeyboard seems cool but the fdroid version doesn't have Swype yet and it doesn't work almost at all in the g play beta version so I'll wait a few updates and try it again

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>Gboard may be a spyware by /tech/ standards
it basically is a spyware by any standards
But I still use it because the text prediction is second to none in terms of speed and accuracy

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Tell us what spyware is, if it's not a software that reads the users input while its hard up to impossible to say what it does exactly with it.

| I use the AnySoftKeyboard from the F-Droid store btw.

| >>511247 they don't publish beta updates to f-droid as far as I can tell and their Swype (which is only in beta) is trash at the moment

| "A word or two with Gboard"
"A wetsuits or torero weedy AnySoftKeyboard"

| A word or two with my keyboard. (Built-in AOSP keyboard in resurrection remix 6.2.1 nexus 5)

| I use Hackers' keyboard for terminal stuff and Gboard for daily use.

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