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RGB shit

| what's the point of rgb shit? keyboards, motherboards, cases, almost all high end PCs look like fucking raves.
when will this meme end, if it ever?

| I like it more than the cold, sterile and dystopian apple design.

| In 20 years, you will look back and say, man remember when hardware uses to have those colorful blinking lights? Yeah, I missed them.

| I mean It’s functionl too having a keyboard with backlighting is nice

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It's functional if it was just a static white light. I can see that being useful in dimly lit rooms. But these are RGB we're talking about. They shine the full spectrum of rainbow to your face.

| As far as I know, nobody forces you to buy one.

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as >>496660 says it's functional to have a keyboard with backlight, it's also nice to be able to match the backlight color to the rest of your setup.
The problem is the manufacturers thinking it's absolutely crucial to have each and every key individually backlit and set the default pattern to eye raping flashy rainbows.

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I mean shortcuts / controlls being displayed with diff colors would be nice.
E.g. your in a text editor hold ctrl then s changing color

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This. This so much. Also, keyboards with backlighting only in between the keys and not under them (so that letters would light up as well) make zero sense to me.

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That's a side effect of the Cherry MX switch design with the scocthtaped backlight. The frame is transparent so a lot of light spills out.
I'm actually typing this post on a Logitech kb with Romer G switches because of that. MX switches feel slightly better than Romer, but Romer has far superior backlight.
If this was an imageboard I'd post a pic.

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