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help me pick a phone

| Choosing between oneplus 6 and xperia xz2. Main criteria is gaming fps. Using xperia z3 now. 16 gb internal memory and lags when too many particle effects are on screen bother me nowadays.

| I'd go with the yotaphone 3

| Both will perform roughly the same. Phones aren't that complicated to guess. If they have the same SoC and the same amount of RAM, their performance will be similar.

| None, smartphones are a waste of your time

| >>496461 this

| Id recommend an LG V30. Using a V20 myself and quite enjoy it.

| I'd recommend the Librem 5 by Purism.

| Unless your use case is playing desktop games. Get something that is 6-10years old those phones are about 40eur. They dont lag at all, usually have better battery life do all the app stuff, easily replacable/upgradable parts some have android 9.0(if you prefer it over linux)
(I personally have 3 nexsus5 phones 2/android 1/arch for game streaming
Im replacing the latter with a old laptop because frankly you really don’t need that mutch procesing power, makes no diffrance

| >>496589
Overpriced as fuck.
Honestly a legitimate point.
I would easily do without a phone

| >>496665 Using a Nexus 5 myself, I can certainly say that the battery life is horrible. I'm running Ressurection Remix 6.2.1. Still it is a good phone and I well keep onto it, until it dies, I guess. ^^

| There's no good one for now. The only cool-looking project was bought and killed by Google.

| I've got the OnePlus 6 and I have to say it's ridiculously fast, although I haven't had a new phone in a while and the one I was using was pretty slow but regardless I find the phone to be very responsive and ridiculously fast but obviously if you going to be playing all day you'll need a battery pack with you or something

| Go with the OnePlus 6. I've been using the 5T for about a year now and I love it. Its great on its own, but if you really want the most from it, I'd suggest looking at a custom ROM like LineageOS that's no frills.

| >>496666
Well, I think it's a fair price for such a device. Talking about fair: There also still is the fairphone.
Other devices can only be sold cheaper because their producers/providers violate privacy and freedom of their customers, basic human rights of their workers and environmental standards. Over time the cheaper products will cost more. Buy cheap = buy twice.

| The OnePlus is nice but the Pocophone is even cheaper

| I ended up going for xz2. Some comparison on youtube showed it's a wee bit faster than oneplus 6.
Smashed my z3 yesterday. It didn't deserve such an ending after 5 years of distinguished service. Cruel world. Besides I can't even transfer my fgo account I've been grinding for more than a year. Touch screen doesn't respond above the middle. Rly thought it's immortal having dropped it for like 4 times before. This sucks.

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The Pocophone has crap band compatibility for the North America region. If you live in Europe or Asia, it's better than the OnePlus with price-to-performance in mind.

Ouch. At least that new phone will be more worth it now. The XZ2 is darn solid, by the way, you can't go wrong with it.

| >>502146 Yeah. Thanks. Got some PTSD now. Keep seeing potential harm wherever I place the new phone. Enjoying XZ2 thus far. Snapdragon 845 is awesome.
>>509386 I like how on android phones I can use apks; I believe that ain't an option on Iphones. Besides equal Iphone would've probably been more pricey. Also feels a bit mainstream.

| >>510723
But nowhere close to the opennness of Android. iPhones are great if you want a closed environment, one that you are severely restricted on — which is a perfect match if you really don't care about anything but basic phone usage.

I mean, you can't really install any IPA you want either. This is a non-limitation in Android. You can choke the system full of adware if you want to and nothing's stopping you.

| >>510726
Iphones are great if your a masochist or delusional.
I can run desktop aplications on my phone..
It’s practicly a mini laptop with a SIM
That can make phone calls
I mean that suggestion is so dumb I’m thinking mighta been bait

| iPhone, not even once. Who would want to pay more while being able to do less?

| Essential Phone PH-1 has confirmed LineageOS support...

| >>496369
Easily the Oneplus 6

| >>510762
A huge swathe of phones 'support' LineageOS, official or unofficial. The PH-1 is great; major software updates (such as a version jump, 8.1 -> 9.0) come to it at blistering speed, but the overall package spells disappointment.

It's plagued with issues and the only justifiable reason you'd have it is you picked it up on a huge deal, bundled with all its accessories.

Just get the OnePlus 6/6T if good software is your thing.

| Using Redmi Note 5 half of year. Still satisfied

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