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FOREX anybody do it?

| Not sure if this is where i should ask this, but does anyone here trade in FOREX? If so do you profit more than your losses? How long? Whats your FOREX story?

| OP: also what broker / platform do you use/recommend?

| Wow, fellow trader! I consider myself as a breakeven trader. I'm trading for like five years or so - yeah, it takes time, but it really depends on how many spare time you have for learning and training. Broker choice is really depends on you citizenship, your capital, your goals and needs

| Basically forex isnt quiete broker.

| >>2ea172 umm nobody's saying it is

I think this topic belongs to random, not tech

| >>496312 /tech/ is like /u/ but instead of highschoolers its actual tech-literate or semi-literate adults

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This thread is permanently archived