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Mobile Game Idea: An RPG that uses a fitbit to control how much you can move.

| No, this isn't /v/, autistic commenter ready to respond, but I'm posting the idea here anyway, since /tech/ scriptkiddies would probably have more use for a random app idea than game consumers would.

| >>496168 this isn't /v/ you moron.

| >>496168
>scriptkiddies would probably have more use for a random app idea than game consumers would.

| If you wanted to piss /tech/ off, you should have just said "I love windows"

| I think OP was looking more for discussion of the method of reading and applying data from a fitbit to a game rather than actually discussing the game. At least, thats the impression that I got.

| 私は窓が大好き

| >>496422
But also, with the duty vested in me, I shall bring you the news of GNU/Linux. The news to parade the freedom for users and developers, and to experience the great bliss that is Free and Libre Software.

| 私はリナックスが大好きです。でも、ウィンドウズはわるいがありません。
(Please correct any mistakes in my Japanese)

| >>496465
Not really a mistake, but 'warui' should be spelt '悪い', seeing that you have 'watashi' and 'daisuki' in their kanji form.

Additionally, 'ありません' is superfluous. You can replace it with 'ない', assuming you're trying to say 'Windows isn't bad either'.

To finish off in /tech/ fashion: yes, Windows isn't bad, it's not insulting. However, if we can integrate more freedom to our software one step at a time, it'll help us a lot in the long run.

(I'm >>172053, btw.)

| >>496465
WAIT A DARN SECOND. Linux is pronounced Lee-nax all this time and not Lee-noox?

And to op... I want to say I'm sorry for all this derailing but you preemptively accused the reader of being autistic, so nevermind, you deserve it.

| >>496493
It's 'Lee-noox', I don't know where you got 'Lee-nax' from.

| >>496499
Shouldn't the katakana be リヌックス then?

| >>496508
This is actually a problem even for Japanese people, as there are often people spelling the name as 'リヌックス' or 'リヌクス', or something along that ballpark — so you are not entirely wrong for being confused here.

However, there is an explanation. As per Linus himself, 'Linux' is spelt as 'LIH-nucks' (as in k-nuck-les) — this is where 'Rinakkusu' (リナックス) comes from. However, the form you used (リヌックス/Rinukkusu) is not wrong either. (1/2).

| The thing is that even those using English have a lot of problem sprawling from the name itself.

In English, I've heard both 'LIH-nucks' and 'Lee-nucks'/'Lee-noox' — and I consider both valid, honestly.

I can't forgive those who pronounces it 'Lie-nucks' though. They will forever be in my short list of people I'd like to slap. (2/2)

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