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Help me pick a Screen

| BenQ GL2760H (TN,2ms,27") vs BenQ GW2406Z (IPS,5ms, 23,8")

I can't decide. Colors are verz important to me but I heard IPS lagg and are bad for gaming. I don't game as much these days but I don't want to downgrade my experience. Currently I use an old MultiYsnc LCD 195VXM+ that only manages 1280x1024 but is a TN (with 5ms response). Would 5ms IPS feel the same as a 5ms TN?

| I ask here bc you guys told me not to buy the fucking latitude but I didn't listen

| >IPS bad for gaming
>Colors are very important
TN has awful viewing angles. I'm not a 'competitive gamer', I don't know the difference between response times, unless it's a TV vs a monitor -- so I'm as clueless as you are on that.

However, most nondescript TN panels are straight up garbage when it comes to colour reproduction and/or brightness output.

| nonedescript?

| Tn is superior

| >>493515
The IPS one, how is this even a contest? 90% of TN panels are shit.

| Buy a used ThinkPad

| use tmux, Screen is shit.

| >>494925
This is the real tech answer.

| >>494925 I was actually going to post that but I saw this was a good question and let it slide, good to know there are others who will take up the mantle should I choose not to

| Op, it depends ips has come a long way and you can now get ips panels in high refresh rate too, so it's much harder to say tn over ips, tn is usually cheeper but ips has much better viewing angles (less color distortion from looking at an angle)

As for response time, the thing on the box is actually it's response time of switching black to white, and most monitors don't advertise their input latency so look on 3rd party sites if you can

| Dude. Just stop and think for a second. Your ping when playing is higher than 10ms, right? At least in my country most pings are someqhere between 20-70ms. Do you feel the difference btw a 2ms and a 10ms ping? No, you simply don't. So, does it matter if your screen has a 2ms or 7ms delay?

| Average reaction time is 250ms and someone with training can get to around 190, so if you're an csgo awp god 10ms would be a 5.26% increase to your reaction time, and if your average it's only a 4% increase make of that what you will

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