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XRP is going to be discussed at the G20 Summit

| The crypto XRP (Ripple) is going to be discussed at the G20 summit, along with the implementation of xCurrent and Hyperledger Quilt to better allow countries to process banking through XRP.

In other words, the crypto XRP is going to be directly linked into the global banking system if this goes through. Through xCurrent and Hyperledger into Interledger and then Ripple.

| >Points of interest:

-The G20 Summit takes place from November 30th to December 1st.

-XRP sits at roughly 0.38 USD as of this post. It can be checked here https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/ripple/

-XRP's market cap is listed as ~15 billion, it will be revealed as basically a doubled amount within the next few days/weeks.

-Of all people, elon musk created an xrptipbot account earlier today. Accounts can be made through twitter/reddit/discord.

| Either this will be another paradigm shift in electronic currency and global banking, or another flash in the pan in the world of crypto, but either way, heads up.

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| They'll really need to get tax and capital gains laws sorted soon, or be mowed over.

| theres a plan called BAKT being put together in the US to get them banking with crypto

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This thread is permanently archived