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How does RAMdisk work?

| So I get that it uses ram as a temporary storage device butsay I have 16gb of RAM does that mean I get 16gb of ramdisk storage? Because I kind of want to use it for gaming but if I can only put a 16gb game onto it then there is no point

| lol.

| You reserve ram for use as storage, so if you have 16 gb and you make a 8gb ram disk you will only be able to use 8gb for your system at that time and yes your ram disk is limited by how much RAM you have

| I believe there's some software that will automatically manage the ramdisk loading important files into it and removing unused ones but I don't remember and it might not actually work that well, just buy a 64gb SSD and drop your game on it

| Eh, Id go 120GB myself. A bit more overhead and you can fit a more smaller games on there as well.

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Did you also understand that the Information on the RAM is lost when the Computer is turned of?
Also there is a high chance your games already make use of the RAM as temporary storage. Because that's the point of RAM.

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Ramdisk is pointless unless you're live-booting an OS, where configuration need not persist -- or your game is something along the line of 'Speedrun Minesweeper'.

It's fast, sure, but just get an SSD. The speed isn't worth the hassle.

| >>492324 Never go for SSD less than 256GB. It's a pain in the ass.

| OP here well I just got a new MSI motherboard and I saw that it said something about RAMdisk and I was kind of interested in it but I guess it's kind of pointless for games then.

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>yfw I went for 120GB SSD
>yfw I did that twice
>yfw I'm a hoarder
>yfw I still have over 40GB left on the Windows one and ~70 on the Linux one
what kind of OS do you use that doesn't comfortably fit on 120 gigs?

| >>493566 yo if you want to game like a 1337 PRO SSD's below 256 are bullshit and not even counted as SSD. You can barely fit 1 game in it if it's a modern AAA. Hitman 2 is 120GB like holy fuck, it would not even fit on a 128GB drive.
If you are not into gaming then yes, 128 is more than enough I guess.

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>putting your games on SSD
wow, what do you do with all the time you saved?

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