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| I'm sorry if I'm not being clear, but I'm scared shitless right now and it's 3 AM. I want to know the likelyhood that someone has gained control over my PC.

Today there's been some problems with the internet. I tried one of the solutions from one of these tech channels on YouTube and I got it working after restarting, left the computer on and went out. Got back, tried doing work in the PC. Got hungry. As I'm eating my brother starts complaining about the internet yet again. (1/?)

| Trying to find a solution, I remember that after restarting, for some reason there was a prompt asking if I'd allow registry to make changes to system. I get the suspicion that the reg key I changed before reverted back. While trying to check for this, I found that the key for windows activation denied access to it's list of users allowed to edit it. There were some other keys that wouldn't allow me to do this. Some processes in my task manager don't show me their file path either.

| The whole reason I'm paranoid is this one program I torrented, when I needed it for class. The torrent included this installer which upon executing put my CPU at 100% and steadily increased memory. I was freaking out but managed to find the process by sheer luck and got rid of it. Recently, however, I've been thinking about what it might have been doing... Maybe it made some changes to the registry?? Im scared I might have my info and control of my pc in the hands of some rando.

| Im not that tech savvy so I hope this board can help....

| I'm going to sleep, good night.

| Didn't read the whole thing. If you think your pc has a virus just wipe the shit out of it.

| Ye just wipe

And im going to assume this is a semi common occurance considering the method of infection

and recommend making a sys image or getting a package manager with a script to install after wipe
(Advanced Tip: don’t download / torrent wierd executables)
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| Sounds terrible

| Wipe your system, get a trustworthy OS and only download software from trustworthy sources. Trustworthy implies that the sourcecode of the software must be public available and the binary must fit to it (checksum). For Example most gnu/linux distros have this build in in their package managers. Your school can't expect you to use proprietary software at home that may violate your privacy.

| Yeah, because WebTech and digital art classes totally don't require you to use Adobe software like dreamweaver or Photoshop.

| >>493592
I had massive discussions with teachers about this, and I proved them all wrong. If "WebTech" and digital art classes rely on a specific software, they aren't really about WebTech and digital art, but about these specific software. Proprietary software should be banned from public education system. It's scary how much success the lobby of IT companies has. They made governments their bitches to make people artificially dependent to their "products".

| I also heard from students saying "you can't study this without a macbook" I mean wtf? And now schools in my country bought fucking iPads for "improving digital education". I will never use this kind of shit in my classes. My pupils will learn doing all their stuff with FLOSS. I would never expect them to buy software licenses and use insecure, privacy violating software/services.

| Yes, dental care is indeed very important.

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