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I want to make an app

| From the title, you guys know what I'm trying to do, but the problem is that I dont know what that app is. I dont want to make an app just to make an app, I want to make one that could benefit those who use it. So, I wanted to ask you all (knowing that there is a diverse set of people on here): What are 2 or 3 kinds of apps that would help you in your life? (Also including game apps, if you think so)

| Personally I'd like a Twitter app that doesn't suck, twitlatte is an idea but doesn't support reading replys / threads so it's basically useless

Not sure if you want to contribute to an open source project or looking to make your own thing though

| >>492067
Twitter is an ass to third-party developers. Tread with caution if going that way.

Which platform are you aiming for, OP? I assume by 'app' would mean you're going for either Android or iOS.

| Not to crush your dreams or anything but it's often a good idea to start making apps just for the sake of making apps so you get some practise with the api and stuff. Start off making something like a music player or a notepad as there is thousands of debugging answers from people trying to do the same.

| an alarm

| A radi/u/ app.

| Inventing the wheel takes a lot of work that isn't even part of constructing the wheel.

I'm seconding >>492077 . If you just want to make a wheel, don't reinvent it, just construct one even if it already exists.

One that note,

I've been thinking of making a minimalist online Werewolf game platform. Make it for me instead, op

| Aggreeing with >>492203 here. I have been making a launcher application from (by some definition) scratch and it is -- as I put it lightly -- hard and takes ungodly amount of hours to do.

Making an app for the sake of making an app can be fun. Don't choke yourself thinking you need to find an audience first.

| Make an app that records how much time you spend using other apps, with pie charts and filters. Ofc this would probably have severe privacy issues, but it sounds cool to me.

| >>492306 I believe Google has a beta for something that does exactly that


| >>491440
A X2go client would be nice.

| material design fart button app

| danger/u/ for IOS

| >>492381
Does IOS have no browser?

| >>493578 they mean an la/u/ncher like app (or is it /u/app on play store now?) I believe you might be able to just embed a web browser and go to lains online version of the app and call it a day

| >>493578 why would someone want to open the browser, type in the site and then shitpost when you can have an app?

| >>493723 it even plays *music* when you open it and then again in the middle of class when you didn't turn the volume down all the way

| Good luck, op

| >>493723
You can't create bookmarks on iOS?

| OP here
Sorry, I've been absent from this thread. But thank you all for your replies, I'll definitely look into all these ideas.

Now that I think of it, I should've noted that I was aiming for making an Android app.

And yeah, ik it's not a good idea to just make an app just to make one. That's why I'm searching for inspiration through the opinions and thoughts of others, to get an idea of what people generally want in an app.

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