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What distro do you use

| And why is it freedos

| Arch GNU plus Linux Operating System on PC, portables etc

Debian Stable GNU plus Linux Operating System on servers

| that one NixOS fag here.

| arch btw

| windows 10

| Win98

| >>490440
Ptoprietary, don't use.

| 2x Win 8.1
Zorin OS

| >>490457 excuse me sir I'm gonna have to ask you not to reee in the question room

| Win 10 for gaming

Ubuntu server & desktop because I'm lazy and like apt
Osx laptop because I hate myself

| >>490466

Well to be fair to OP, Windows doesn't have distros, strictly speaking. So there.

| win10 for games
xubuntu for everything else

| Debian Stable with Win10 on the side

| Fedora on everything

| Looking at starting with Manjaro. Trying to decide between KDE and XFCE. Thoughts?

| Don't use manjaro, they don't document their configurations well enough.

| KDE Neon.

| Void

| >>493431 I've been meaning to try void, care to try and sell it to me?

| Arch everything

| Arch + KDE. Settled down after literally years of distrohopping.

| >>492303
KDE unless you have a low-end machine (like older C2D with 2GB of RAM), but even then you'd be better off with LXDE, LXQt or even MATE.

| Would you care to be more in-depth of why I shouldnt use Manjaro?

| >>493567
I think LXQt is still under development and not stable yet. At least there is no LTS Distro with LXQt as default desktop yet. I'm currently use it on ubuntu server, offering it remotely for thin-clients. But it took me lots of manual configuration to make it usable. Don't understand me wrong. I love LXQt, but I would not yet recommend it for inexperienced users that need a stable, reliable desktop.

| >>493539
This is what got me to try it: https://blog.quad.moe/posts/moving-to-void-linux/

| >>490457 you are not my mom

| >>494871
Because dos-trolls have no moms. They spawn from proprietary hell.

| >>494880 but free dos is open source

| >>494880 glad to know that your mom is open source

| >>493618 *cough* Lubuntu *cough*

| debian

| >>496012
Afaik the latest Lubuntu LTS (18.04) still has LXDE as default DE.

| Manjaro for daily use (though I'm planning to switch to pure Arch, but I don't have time for that now)
Win 10 for games + office (need it for school)

| >>496318
>Win 10 for games + office (need it for school)
Is it a public school? If yes, there is no way they can force you to buy and use a specific product offered only by one company to teach you basic knowledge. Fortunately I just won a fight at my University, where they wanted me to register to a specific external service provider and use a specific software to participate a course. The winning argument was, that research results with the questionable software aren't verifiable

| Well, at least in Windows 10 the windows calculator finally can do the sqrt of 4 properly, lol. All people who "needed" Windows XP up to Windows 8.1 learned that sqrt(4) != 2.

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