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Anybody care to reminisce about how the thing that got them into /tech/ in the first place?

| I think what gave me the /tech/ bug was synthesizers and learning how they worked then how computers actually simulated analog. Anyone else got an interesting start?

| My desire to fight for freedom from the evil coorporate proprietary mallware.

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Heck yeah, that's the spirit.

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My dad and curiosity, probably. He used to be into hobbyist electronics. I used to take apart all my toys to see how they worked.
Then I got a computer and was curious how it worked, so I got into digital logic and processor architecture, then I wanted to make it do exactly what I tell it to, so I started to learn programming.
That's mostly it.

| I'm a curious guy and I was addicted to video games. That lead to wondering how shit works and here I am. I think i might've gotten addicted to computer science rather than video games nowadays.

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When I was a child I also loved to play with LEGO and hat a custom and simple programming device build by my uncle that allowed to operate with automation, a few years before it was available on the market.
When my parents go their first Computer with MS DOS in the early nineties i started playing and loving games^^ Later, when i had windos, I was a delivery boy for cracked games and I also was involved in some modding projects.
Now I'm all about free software :-D

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I just feel that younger generations (especially those with not so wealthy parents) will never experience the amount of do-it-yourself possibilities I had, since everything is about consumerism, and restrictivism instead about experimenting, producing and exploring. The funny thing is, things already were restrictive when I was a child, compared to generations before me. It just scares me how fast it keeps going this way. The digital natives are to me more digital naives.

| I couldn't understand how computers worked, so that made me really interested in them. "Seriously how can just a pile of coils and electricity execute instructions?" was a longtime question I didn't have the answer to. Then one day I asked my father how computer programs were created, he told me that programmers write code and that's executed by computers. That was the day I decided to become a programmer. At first I played around in logo on my own, and I really liked it...

| Everything probably started with megaman battle network 5 double team ds. My very first game. Everything was IoT and everyone had their own AI-like buddy. I loved the world to death. I've yet to beat the game btw

| Trying to download free games and demos and such, and then discovering half life mods and server plugins and soundboards and hacks and such. I still remember the first time someone did the CD drive thing to me.

| Started with gaming then Save editing / cheating console games with tools and eventually hex editing, then I got a PC and started to make my own cheat engine tables and playing around with basic Assembly using the disassembler, then learned python started using Linux and so forth

| >>489967 this

| Bought a PC from a local supplier when I was 14. I had no fucking clue about hardware n shit. Still I spent all my money on that PC and it couldn't even run Skyrim.
I started working in the next few years to buy a decent GPU and PSU and got into hardware. Then I built a PC for a friend. Now I'm the local hardware guru and I've assembled more than 40 PCs sp far, mostly for gaming.

| My dad was limiting my PC time with software, so I was curious if I can crack stuff and play games all day. Got into his Windows account and made myself an admin key, after that I was wondering how tf that program even worked. (later dad started taking my RAM from PC, so I've also got some hardware exp back then). So I thank my dad for getting me into all of this.

| I got an old laptop when I was two years old, and just kept using computers. All my knowledge is self taught and I’m proud of that.

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