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Just stop

| All of you, just stop.

| Stop what? And for how long? And why?

>It's not ogre
>It's never ogre

| Everyone, stop posting in this thread, like OP asked. Be respectful.

| >>477345
It's like you told evafags to stop arguing between Asuka and Rei, if not worse.
War never changes.

| >>477860 Kaworu, obviously

| Lol guys JUsT sTOp
ALl of YoU, JuSt SToP

>nO CoNtExT GIvEn whAtSOEvEr

| >>479305
This is /tech/, do I really need to give context or are you really just that daft?

| >>479322
Well you are telling a entire board to stop a broad thing
(A thing i like somewhat)
So maybe a more details would not hurt

| ok, i stopped...

What now?

| >>479322
Yes. Without context most people will start picking what they want from your statement. You do it yourself, by assuming everyone has to share your point of view what /tech/ is about and what should be stopped therefore.

| >>490179 The only people that ask for context are linux guys that pretend that /tech/ is not a linux circlejerk and would like to sweep "linux vs windows" thing under the rug.

Everyone else know that you should not mention windows/mac/discord in /tech/, else your mouth will he shat on.

Even the pinned tutorial thread acknowledge the problem.

| *will be

| >>490196
How can one be so resistant to facts? Because it NEVER was about "linux vs windows", and if you understood anything than you would know that this question doesn't even make sense.
Bringing in discord and mac into the discussion shows that you may be understand that it is not only about "windows vs linux". So this is why I suspect you just to be a troll, writing stuff like "stop this, you know what i mean", while in fact no one who doesn't share you opinion knows it.

| >>490196
>Even the pinned tutorial thread acknowledge the problem.
Please cite the part which is "acknowledging" what you want us to believe being a problem.

| I mean, just look at the thread titles, which are often about nothing but provocation. Example:
If this is not just for the only purpose of pure provocation. It's not even alone the content but also the form: Why the heck this uppercase letters? Like some baby crying for attention. Actually there also exist a stupid fake-news thread-title in /new/ with this feature.
First crying "all shit on me" and than suddenly cry "uh, pls stop it".

| Can we all just get along and use WordStar?

| >>490204 sure, call it FOSS vs Non-FOSS if that would make you sleep better at night.

1. Windows posting is the easiest way to trigger people like you
2. Windows brainlet, Windos user, Windows trolls. You guys already have these names for windows users, while none really exist for Mac/Discord or other non-FOSS users.
3. When will windows turn into FOSS? Never. When will Linux turn into non-FOSS? Never. SO windows vs linux is technically right and a good summary.

| >>490206

>/tech/- for /tech/nology
-if you enter it from your windows be ready for trouble...

Taken from: https://dangeru.us/u/thread/417977

| >>490329
>When will windows turn into FOSS? Never. When will Linux turn into non-FOSS? Never.
I'm not so sure. While microsoft partly starts making some of their "products" open source (to officially/legally benefit from others people work, no copyleft ofc.) most linux distros (including the kernel) are not 100% FOSS anymore. Just look on canonicals collaboration with microsoft. I'm pretty sceptical on this alliance. Search for "microsoft EEE"

| ok will di

| >>ddb1ee
Case and point.

| >>490331
Yeah, and it also says after the ...
> g/u/rls here are super linux users, those will hack your ip, find your real place in seconds, hack your toaster, make washing machine go crazy and send some darkweeb killers after you!
But nice try making your story up by incomplete out of context citation of an obvious joke.

| >>492339 As much as op in the t/u/torial thread described /tech/ in jokingly manner, it is still an acceptable description for /tech/. If it is incorrect and misleading, it won't get pinned.

It is not a made up story, go ask other boards opinion about /tech/, you'll get the same answer. If you g/u/rls don't want to accept what others label you, then it just proves how circlejerky this board is.

| >>493530
>It is not a made up story, go ask other boards opinion about /tech/, you'll get the same answer.
Since when do opinions falsify facts?

| >>493530
>it is still an acceptable description for /tech/.
There is a difference in overacting the indeed above average skill and knowledge of FOSS enthusiasts in a funny way and just shitting on them and their arguments with non-arguments like "uh cirklejerk" or "uh SJW".
In fact it's the anti-FOSS faction behaving in exact the bad way they blame others for. Actual they are the biggest cirklejerk group of all themselves, feeling only secure in the majority crowd.

| >>493576 if so, then your "fact" is still a story told from your side, dude. You don't see the constant "GTFO windows" and stuff like that in /tech/? I guess it's just that hard to see the truth. You sure you don't have a pair of proprietary eyes?

| >>493577

"Anti-foss" only exist because your foss gurls are being obnoxious and jump at every oportunity to yell "USE FOSS, DON'T USE PROPRIETARY WINDOWS/DISCORD/MAC!!!"

without it, I'm pretty sure people that you call "coorporate shiils"
"tech illiterate", "ignorant", and "brainlet" won't care about FOSS/non-FOSS.

| >>493577

>non-arguments like "uh circlejerk"

In the next sentence:
>they are the biggest circlejerk

What a joke

| The real brainlets are the ones who assume people are brainlets for using a specific OS because it caters to their needs and personal usage instead of the "good one" you use.


| Only thing that I do on /tech/ is to make people angry by counter circlejerking, if I stop doing that life would be less fun

| >>493644
>"Anti-foss" only exist because your foss gurls are being obnoxious and jump at every oportunity to yell "USE FOSS, DON'T USE PROPRIETARY WINDOWS/DISCORD/MAC!!!"
FOSS gurls yelling "USE FOSS, DON'T USE PROPRIETARY WINDOWS/DISCORD/MAC!!!" only exists because your proprietary gurls ask everywhere for free help with your proprietary products except for the official support of the companies that are responsible for the mess.

| >>493644
Also most time I have to read
>"coorporate shiils"
>"tech illiterate", "ignorant", and >"brainlet"
it comes clearly from unreasonable and upset windows/proprietary software users that try to imitate FOSS people if they try to explain them that they only can and want to help with their problems in a non-proprietary environment.
I never used this terms (except for "ignorant", which is more a conclusion than an insult)

| >>493645
You do it again: Assuming that/Acting like there is a commonly known/accepted context to make this statement appear to be contradictionary, while in fact it is not. Because its the hypocrisy that makes the "circlejerk" insult a non-argument if it comes from the largest circlejerk group, and not the question if this kind of phenomenon generally exists.

| >>493696 there weren't that much wondows tech support topics before FOSS/linux gurls made it very clear that things like that irks them.

I mean, if typing 4 words like "my windows bluescreen, help" will triggers a bunch of gurls and make them type a lot of wall of text, of course people will do it.

Now that we are in the chicken and egg problem, just look at the name of this board. /tech/ stands for techology. Unless you make it very clear that /tech/ means FOSS only..

| you'll get random people that will post their windows problem here.

No matter how you would like to bend the meaning of "technology" to disclude non-foss, proprietary software is still a part of technology if you look at the dictionary.

| I'm honestly not sure if >>ddb1ee is trolling or is just genuinely retarded.

| >>493713
>"my windows bluescreen, help"
I would, without being triggered, politely and honestly make these suggestions:
a) don't use windows
b) if you use windows and run into problems ask the official windows support.
And then there are windows trolls turning such serious and reasonable suggestions into a meme by imitating them badly with "uh, look at me, i'm a linux elitist, install gentoo you tech illiterate" And on top they start complaining about it. Boring.

| >>494882 well, then I would like to thank you for not being a jerk.

But again, there is no way to tell those rude/hostile answers are made by acrual FOSS elitist or non-FOSS troll. The problem is that the more reasonable FOSS/Non-FOSS gurls don't go call out the troll/elitist. That's why it creates the impression that /tech/ is all about linux vs windows or FOSS vs Non-FOSS.

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