what do i do with thiz

| https://imgur.com/a/y4E7mZG herp

| shove it up your ass and post results

| >>1018548 that's the result if you cant like, read fucking vertices or have never seen 3d, bastard. i mean, you lazy inexperienced cunt with 0 perception of space and shape, asswad

| >>1018548 fucking bait of an anon

| jus spit on that thang xDD hawk tua

| Protip op, if you don't want stupid replies, talk more on the post about what you're showing us.

And if you reply to the stupid replies, all you're gonna get is more stupid replies. Just let it be.

| >>1018552 I was told not to look down on anyone
So you are just pulling my ass hairs and nothing else

Other than that please, if you are gonna say something stupid, expect stupid reply too

Which is meant for>>529dda >>a5d633

...or to finalize it, it's impossible to completely attend to comprehnsions either without any reliable uh... apparatuses for the, specific issue

| 50k moment

| I want to believe this is not 50k because I don't think 50k is capable of putting in the effort into whatever it is that op is making.

But the way she just snipe back at any comments at all, that's a 50k moment.

| I will learn to host files and I will save you 50k kun! Don’t listen to them!

| Idk go learn some trigonometry

| >>1018678 nothing this complicated afaik

| >>b63038 or simple

| >>1018693 trig is used for 3d rotation, so

| >>1018715 i'd like simpler

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