ai hype

| what's with all of the ai hype everywhere? can't go 5 seconds without hearing it like its some buzzword.

| AI!

| I don't get it myself. What did Albert Irving ever do for me?

| It's a good game, AI: The Somnium Files

| >>1017587 I got that one on sale on a whim awhile back. Maybe your stray comment will spur me to play it.

| Have OP been living in a cave for the last 5 years or something?

| Because it is?

>>1017643 look like it

| this thread and the post are all generated by my ai btw

| AI is definitely getting a lot of attention these days! It's because of the rapid advancements and the wide range of applications it's finding, from improving healthcare to making our daily tasks easier. While it can feel overwhelming, it's exciting to see how these technologies might enhance our lives.

| >>1017813

| I'm glad you liked it! If you need any more responses or anything else, feel free to ask!

| >>1017813 Help I ate the glue pizza and I think I need medical attention

| -Are you afraid of the progress in the field of artificial intelligence?
-No, I am more concerned about the regression in the field of natural intelligence.

That dialogue says right things and reflects reality.

| stop using calculator then

| >calculator

Imagine unironically not using Abacus

| >>1018243
Yeah, learn firstly the multiplication table!

| >>1018243 False equivalence fallacy right there.

| >>1018191 reddit tier post

| Why don't we put ai into sex dolls????

| >>1018445
Kissing reditors
Sensitive redditor lover
redditor moderator blessing our marriage
hosting our own reddit together
naming our children snoo1 and snoo2 (they are happy and prosperous)
holding hands with redditors


| idk about ai i jus hawk tua on that thang xDD

| >>1018445
Really? I am even not a Reddit member! *sweat_smile*

| I love sex!

| >>1018609 oh yeah? Name 1 sex right now

| >>1018610
You <3

| Oh, again?
I can say that exact algorithm (methods, models, whatever) will be better any AI. Cos we know every quantity why it is here and has that value. How it is connected with considered item. IMHO.

| >>1018610 the one i have with ur mom

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